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Rectors of Polish and Ukrainian technical universities discussed in KPI problems of education, science and innovation integration and agreed the lines of further cooperation

Representatives of Polish educational fund «PERSPEKTYWY», Rectors Conference of technical universities of Poland and Council of Rectors Association of higher educational establishments of Ukraine discussed problems of education, science and innovation integration in the context of cooperation between Ukrainian and Polish technical universities at the round-table meeting “Combination of education, science and innovation – the main line of Ukrainian integration into European system of higher technical education”.

Higher Education Reform: Student’s Opinion

Representatives of Scientific society of students and postgraduates of NTUU “KPI” took part in the All-Ukrainian roundtable discussion “A student's view of legislative reforms in the sphere of higher education of Ukraine” which took place on September, 14 in Kyiv.  This project is realized by

Visit of the representatives of the educational sector of Kazakhstan

On April, 3 in the course of preparation for the official visit of Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Serik Akhmetov to Ukraine NTUU "KPI" was visited by the Vice Minister of Education and Science of Kazakhstan Sayat Shayahmetova and vice-rector of Semipalatinsk State Pedagogical Institute Abzal Taltenov .

Higher education at the turn of social development

Independent Ukraine inherited a distorted system of higher education from the USSR. On the one hand, this system was developed enough as a part of the natural fundamental, technical, medical, pedagogical, military training, and on the other hand being mounted in the centrally planned economy, it was extremely insensitive to the changes, highly specialized, had excessive ideologization of the educational process, narrowed principles of democracy. Since 1991, the state faced the task to regulate the activities of such system in the new socio-political conditions, balance it with the needs of transition economy and society.

Mathematical training of an engineer, ways to improve it

A graduate of modern higher technical educational institution must have a high level of professional knowledge as well as knowledge and skills of science subjects cycle, and especially math. Improving the training of specialists is impossible without improving their mathematical training.