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Менделєєв Дмитро

Dmitri Mendeleev - thought and work giant. The 180th anniversary

Дмитро Менделєєв

February, 8 marks the 180th anniversary of the world-famous Russian scientist Dmitri Mendeleev, whose monument is set before the fourth ("chemical") building of NTUU "KPI", and a bas-relief - on the facade of the first (main) building.

Dedicated to the 180th anniversary of the birth of D.I.Mendeleev. Dmitri Mendeleev: not only science

Dmitri Mendeleev

Talented people are talented in everything. A good proof of this expression is known figure Dmitri Mendeleev. His discoveries, work and interests known to many. Far less mention of it artistic tastes and hobbies. And art occupies a special role in his life.

Monument Mendeleev Dmytriy

Кампус. Пам'ятник Дмитрію Менделєєву

Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev monument. Established before the chemical body (№4) in 1995. Sculptors: Kiselev Yu, Shvetsov B .; Architect: B. Sobtsov


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