Talents are awarded KPI 2015

From 12 November to 10 December 2015 at the university held an annual art exhibition-competition "Talents KPI". It was part of students, teachers, scientists, comp-beatniks "KPI" - a total of 94 individuals who presented a total of 350 works. Exhibition of works by tradition, exhibited in the case №7. Among the contenders were known as members who earlier presented their works, and those who first presented their works for the exhibition. Undoubtedly, competition helped enhance art and cultural growth of students, teachers and university employees.

At the Closing Ceremony of the exhibition-contest "Talents KPI", held on 10 December, all participants were given thanks, and the winners - diplomas.

In the nomination, "Painting" first divided Lydia Petrova - student of 6th course VPI, Alexander beluha - a student of the 2nd year of ITC, Tatiana Hnitetska - assistant professor of descriptive geometry, engineering and computer graphics. Second place in the same category divided Zalevskaya Olga - senior lecturer FMF, Anna Bidnyuk - fellow Ukrainian-Polish center Olga Oatmeal - a student of 3rd year FMF, Elena Savoschenko - student of 4th course FMM, Pauline Popov¬kina - student 6 VPI th Course, Marina Kyndras - student of 2nd year VPI. Senior Lecturer Irina FMM Shekhovtsov, whose students annually take part in the contest this year ranked third. Since it is a place divided Elena Farshidi Var - CMA employee, Irina Yakymets - student of 2nd year FMM, Anastasia Hodovana - FMM student, Tatiana Kolomiets - the student of 2nd year VPI, Lyudmila Shesterikova - VPI student, Elena Yanchuk - student 1- FBT year student.

In the category "Graphics" first place - Anna and Julia Mayovetskyh - both students of 6th course IHF. The second place took Dmitry Gritsenko Sergey Hulyevych - students of 4th course VPI and Darya Klimenko - student of 2nd year ISZZI. Third place - Marina Khramtsova - FMM student, Anna Golovachev - student of 6th course VPI, Lada Zhigulin - student of 2nd year IFB.

Marked diversity of arts and crafts. In this category, Vladimir Pushkin shared «the first place». IEE laboratories and Julia Mamchich - student of the 1st year HTF. The second place took Mrs. Wowchuk - Methodist Art Gallery, Margarita Chyrenko - student of 3rd year VPI, Anna Kuharuk - Associate FMM. Third place in Natalia Kolomiets - FMM Associate Professor and Olga Savchenko - student of 5th year VPI.

As always at the "Talents KPI" observed high skill of embroidery, another nomination contest. The first place is occupied Anna Kulyk - assistant professor of mathematical physics. Second place was shared Parakhin Natalya - Senior Lecturer FMF, Irina Kuzyevanova - Assistant Professor of General and Inorganic Chemistry, Anna Kokorev - a student of the 5th year FMM. Third place in the three parties: Anna Martynenko - assistant of descriptive geometry, engineering and computer graphics, Olga Borisenko - assistant professor of mathematical physics, Alina Krasnoschok - students of 4th course FMM.

Among the many contenders, participants created their work in the classroom with art studios "Innovation" led by Irina Shekhovtsov and "Harmony" under the direction of Andrei Kulagin.

All winners of the contest "Talents KPI" according to the decision of the jury received monetary awards.

Vladimir Shkolny