Portable installation "Owl" purifies water

Among the winners of the festival "Sikorsky Challenge 2014", which took place in NTUU "KPI" and gathered the best innovative projects of national scientists, there is the development of the researcher Laboratory of Environmental Technology FCT T.Yu.Nizhnik. He introduced a portable water purification installation "Owl", intended for use in the field conditions. The installation can produce a clean, safe drinking water, using water from existing sources - wells, rivers, lakes, wetlands, drainage of irrigation systems and the like. The purified water meets the state sanitary and epidemiology requirements of Ukraine.

The installation cleans infected or potentially hazardous water from microorganisms, pesticides, heavy metals and other harmful contaminants. Its resource consists of more than 500 liters of purified water on one set of cartridges. It does not require an electrical outlet or other power sources - is driven by muscular force and is fully autonomous. It is used the unique technology of three-stage water treatment disinfection and removal of suspended impurities; remove soluble organic impurities; thin post-treatment.

The technology is based on the use of the biocidal polymer of complex action that combines the disinfectant, flocculant and complexing agent. All accessories and consumables materials of the installation are produced in Ukraine. Used technology is scaled well – it is possible to develop more power installation to supply drinking water of large groups of people - in terms of ATO or emergency situations, small settlements and the like. The plant was developed in the laboratory of Environmental Technology NTUU "KPI" under the auspices of the Scientific Park "Kyiv Polytechnic".

Several prototypes were created and tested. Preparation for obtaining a certificate of Ministry of Health is carried out. After certification, it will start small-scale production for the needs of the army, internal security forces, border guards, the MES. In addition it is planned the production for the civilian market - for the needs of tourists, the rural population and others.

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