The glory Shevchenko will never forget

On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of Taras Shevchenko, Scientific and Technical Library G. Denisenko NTUU"KPI" has prepared its own program of honoring the memory of the great Ukrainian artist, and gave an overview of the most interesting books about it.

The library collection houses many interesting books that may be useful to those who study  work Shevchenko or interested in the details of his biography. You can even find a translation of the poem "Caucasus" in different languages ​​of the world and the poem "If you knew panychy" in Greek.

Publication of manuscripts of the poet's diary "The Diary. Autobiography: Autographs" stands out for its uniqueness. It is facsimile, that is there are in the pages of books original manuscripts Shevchenko, allowing the reader to get closer to the artist - to make it out hurried small hand sketches and consider with few corrections. Taras kept a diary from June 12 1857 to July 13, 1858, in the last weeks of the exile and the return to St. Petersburg, and an autobiography written a year before his death.

Yuri Kovtun book "Dear women Shevchenko Taras Muses" allows to reveal the secret of spiritual feelings and vibrations of Taras Shevchenko, his emotional and sensitive nature. How often the poet fall in love, who became his muse that inspired the creation of brilliant lyrics and wonderful paintings - it's all very interesting and detail.

he pride of the library and the CPI is a book published on the 200th anniversary of Taras Shevchenko on the order of the State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine, "a Documentary treasure trove of Shevchenko laureates." n fact, this is the first edition, which introduces readers to the documentary base of the Central State Archive-Museum of Literature and Arts of Ukraine, devoted to the winners of the National Prize of Ukraine Taras Shevchenko over half a century. The book, created on the basis of archival documents and publications, highlights the facts of life and creative work of outstanding local artists. The publication includes autographs, manuscripts of works, sketches, designs, titles of books with dedications, photos with family, friends and colleagues of Ukrainian writers, painters, sculptors, actors, critics, who are the winners of this award. It is possible to find rare archival documents relating to the life and work of Paul Tychyny, Michael Stelmach, Vladimir Sosyury, Andrew Malyshka, Oles Gonchar and other classics of Ukrainian literature - Shevchenko Prize winners. In addition, the collection includes materials about those writers and artists who have been awarded the Shevchenko Prize posthumously. Among them - the translator Gregory Kochur, writer Grigor Tyutyunnik, poet, translator and activist Vasyl Stus and many others.

Of course, a book exhibition, presented in the hall on the sixth floor №13 will attract the attention of students and teachers.   On it everyone can get acquainted with the literature about Taras, foreign periodicals, and view photos from Evromaydanu with quotes Shevchenko. Thematic exhibition will run throughout the anniversary year. Among the activities to be performed by the library for the anniversary, it is worth mentioning a meeting entitled "Taras Shevchenko's life and work" in the cultural and educational series "Outstanding Personalities of History," which was held in the library on 11 March. The participants had an opportunity to re-evaluate the artist's work. In addition to all the facts known to the writer's biography, drew attention to the Ukrainian-Polish connection in the life of Taras, which considerably increased manifestations of Ukrainian themes in the Polish Romanticism. Tthe inverse effect was noticeable - in a satirical work "Dream" where Shevchenko quite clearly depicted the tyranny and brutality of Russian tsarism, you can see a lot of common typological features the poem "Dzyady" Adam Mickiewicz. Club meetings Pushkinists, which meets monthly at the library, to which were invited members of the public "Bell" from the village Kosenovka Cherkassy region has become a special part of the celebration of the poet. Society unites together people of all ages - pupils, students and older people are addicted to Ukrainian folklore. In the library, they presented a wonderful program that included the recitation of verses and a chorus performance of Shevchenko and fascinating story of the poet's life from his fellow countrymen. It should be remembered that all of 2014 declared the Year of Taras Shevchenko, and if you are unable to visit some of these mayor, you can just visit the library to become better acquainted with the artistic legacy of the Great Shevchenko.

 A.D.Sohach, librarian STL of G.I.Denisenka

З нагоди відзначення 200-річчя від дня народження Тараса Григоровича ШевченкаЗ нагоди відзначення 200-річчя від дня народження Тараса Григоровича ШевченкаЗ нагоди відзначення 200-річчя від дня народження Тараса Григоровича Шевченка