Centre of research and experiments “Nadiinist’”

established in 1995,
Scientific Advisor of the centre is Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bobyr Mykola Ivanovych.
Telephone number: +38 (044) 236-10-43

TEST MODE LIST according to accreditation branch of CRE:

  • Material samples test operations of resistance to extension, compaction and camber. Determination of material strength and ductility characteristics.
  • Hardness measurement of metals by Rockwell and Brinell hardness tests.
  • Determination of products surface roughness.
  • Determination of material structure characteristics.  
  • Surface defect analysis.
  • Measurement of geometrical characteristics and deviation.
  • Determination of heat and frost resistance of plastic and rubber.
  • Determination of resistance to corrosion environment.
  • Determination of plastics elasticity modulus.  
  • Determination of efficiency of weld joints.


  • Test operations of construction materials and products of various purpose;
  • Development of new methods and equipment  for test operations of materials and products;
  • Scientific-research works in field of strength and reliability of materials and construction elements.