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Pushkin VP

The gala concert in the IEE

2019.03.07 The gala concert in the IEE

This year’s spring holiday will long be remembered by students, professors, staff and guests of the Institute of Energy Conservation and Energy Management.

Curiosities Of Vladimir Pushkin

2016.12.07 Персональна виставка творів В.П.Пушкіна

Personal exhibition of works of V. P. Pushkin was opened on 7 December in the Art Gallery of KPI them. Igor Sikorsky.

Master of screw-thread

В.Пушкін біля своєї скульптури Сесія

Artworks of V. Pushkin always differ from its originality and singularity of design. It arose the interest of visitors and heated discussions. Some of them adorn the private offices, the majority located in the 22nd campus building, where Vladimir Pavlovich worked as head of the laboratory.


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