Everyone Can Prevent Corruption

Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute is working with informants. According to the law, an informant is a person who has reliable and indisputable evidence of a corruption offense of another person. It is also significant to get this evidence during employment, professional, economic, social, scientific activities, service, or training.

In case an informant has met all these conditions, the Authorized Person for preventing and counteracting corruption may review his/her report. Yana Tsymbalenko (anticor@kpi.ua) is an Anti-corruption officer whose main task is to monitor the staff and students obeying anti-corruption laws at the University. Besides the Anti-corruption officer, one can report offenses to the Rector. It is also possible to contact authorized representatives of the anti-corruption agencies, pre-trial investigation authorities, agencies responsible for monitoring the implementation of laws in relevant areas, other government agencies, institutions, and organizations. Another variant is to inform journalists, public associations, trade unions.