Popov Anton. The Health Research at Faculty of Electronics

Kiev Polytechnic Institute consists of subsections, without which it is impossible to imagine Technical University engineering and instrumentation, chemical and energy technologies of Radio Engineering and Electronics and more. But recently more and more laboratories and the departments appear, conducting research between two or more academic branches: medical cybernetics, ecological devices and systems, biotechnology, biomedical electronics and others.

For example, on the Faculty of Electronics has long and successfully engaged in biomedical electronic systems for the diagnosis of human diseases. The group of scientists in the development, research and improvement of methods, software and hardware of the system is headed by Professor V.O. Fesechko. He is purposeful, hardworking, curious and eccentric, and always interest young people. His students eventually become colleagues at the department, and then themselves help the young to break the ground in science. Today's story is about one of them - Associate Professor of the Department of Physical and Biomedical Electronics "KPI", a senior research fellow Institute of Applied Electronics, Anton Popov.

Now Anton Popov is a promising scientist, associate dean of the Faculty of Electronics of teaching and scientific work and international cooperation, but in 1997, Anton was a thin boy, a graduate of the Technical Lyceum of "KPI " who made ​​a difficult choice: which branch to choose and on which faculty to submit the documents. Then, perhaps, he contributed to providence, because he united his fate with the Faculty of Electronics, which to this day is the most interesting in the university. From the third year Popov working in the scientific group to develop diagnostic systems under the guidance of professor V.O. Fesechko. In 2003, he receives a Masters degree in "Physical and Biomedical Electronics" and became the winner of the competition for the best master's thesis of KPI, and in 2006, he has awarded the academic degree of candidate of technical sciences, specialty 05.11.17 - biological and medical devices and systems. Not everyone can make a rapid breakthrough.

Today, the A.O.Popov range of scientific interests includes: structural and dynamic analysis of electroencephalograms and heart rate variability signal, analysis of electrical activity of the human brain for early diagnosis of epilepsy of different nature; component analysis of cardiac rhythm monitoring depth of anesthesia, management of artificial aids ventilation, methods for evaluating the man sleep quality, methods of evaluation of synchronization and connectivity systems and organs, adaptive methods for constructing parent wavelet functions, question of the application of mathematical methods for processing and analyzing the signals to obtain diagnostically important information and so on.

In addition, he teaches courses "The Theory of Signals", "The Theory of Biomedical Signals", "The Digital Processing and Analysis of Biomedical Signals and Images," manages the course and diploma projects, is the supervisor of three PhD students. In recent years A.O. Popov participated in conferences and seminars in Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Germany, South Korea, Turkey, Belgium. He conducted research in cooperation with German colleagues at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering at the Technical University of Dresden (Germany).

Anton Popov is a member of the Organizing and Program Committee of International Conference "Electronics and Nanotechnology" and "Electronics ", which are held annually on the Faculty of Electronics. He take an active part in the Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineering ( IEEE ) -  he is the adviser of the student branch of IEEE KPI and is responsible for the development of Ukraine 's membership in the Section of IEEE. Students attend his classes with pleasure, colleagues enjoyed working together, because Anton is an interesting, tolerant and outstanding personality. According to the results of the university competition, he received the honorary title of "young teacher-researcher - 2011"

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