Dead Sea? No, Pink lake!

The more we travel through Ukraine, the more we admire her natural uniqueness and organic treasures. A few years ago the Internet and mass media was full of photos of so-called Pink lake in Kherson region, whose salinity is 35%. This is  a few per cent more than word-renowned Dead Sea has. Water here is so salty that it is impossible to drоwn. You can tan without coming out of water , because salt keeps the body afloat all the time. The fabulous lake is located in Hryhorivka village in Chaplynsky region in on of Syvash bays. This is about 100 kilometres far from Kherson and 18 kilometres far from region centre.

It is said, the reservoir appeared in the end of 1960s, when the military aircraft blooped in Syvash swamp. By taking out shrapnels, a great pit was digged and , obviously, found the salty reservoir with unique chemical composition, which filled the pit. The lake water is enriched with different minerals, acids, hydrocarbons, nitrogen substances, salts, almost chloride magnesium and potassium, iodide sodium, methyl magnesium. Thanks to high concentration and rich chemical composition it has curative features. By the way, that curative cocktail hasn't been created in the pit nearby.

The lake has pale pink colour due to the only living organism species, which lives there - single-celled seaweed dynaliella salinitywatered. Under the sunrays' effect dynaliella produces carotenoids and , particularly, beta-keratin, famous as youth vitamin. "Pink water" has wide spectrum of action: intensify all important human organs work, cause body balance recovery, has rejuvenating effect.

The main rapa usage in neurological practice -  neurocirculatory dystonia, in school practice-psoriasis. Musculoskeletal system is also treated. But specialists say the high concentration of so-called  follicles-like substances, possible to influence positively on female diseases the most interesting thing. Bronchopulmonary diseases can be treated,too.

Near the bath area - Syvash curative mud field, which seems to be immunomodulating one of unnatural background. Consistent usage of salty baths and mud buttering is considered to has positive influence on human's body. Muds are  certified by Odessa Вalneology Institute as curative and cosmetic remedy. On their basement cosmetic production is produced in Germany and Austria.

The lake is very popular among the locals, tourists who rest nearby, people are coming from Belarus, Poland, Germany, Russia. There are parking space, shower, sheds from the sun, a shop etc. in the territory. We hope one day the therapeutic complex will appear there.