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Frederic Chopin - the great Polish composer and pianist

Дагерротип Шопена, 1849.

Frederic Franciszek Chopin was born February 22, 1810 (according to other sources March 1, 1810) in Zelazowa Wola, near Warsaw. He lived in a musical environment and in 5 years already independently perform simple plays. His first teacher was a famous musician V.Zhivny who trained in his pupil a good taste and love for classical music.

Chopin graduated high school and the Higher School of Music, where his studies were led by composer I.Elsner. Throughout the program, Frederick wrote many piano pieces. He performed a lot, and listeners recognized him the best pianist in Poland. Critics highly praised his work, and the ladies - beautiful noble manners. Chopin traveled extensively in Europe with concerts and wrote a new music.

Since 1831, Chopin lived permanently in Paris, surprised the exquisite Parisian audience with his original mazurka and polonaise, which reflect Slavic dance rhythms and harmony Polish folklore. Chopin's contemporaries admired him as a virtuoso pianist, especially when he played his own music.

In the most famous works of Chopin's Paris period his music was dominated by heroic and dramatic images, was full of deep emotions and feelings, the power of images.

The period of greatest prosperity of the composer - 1838-1846 years. It was then there were created the most perfect of his works in various forms of piano music. He toured much less, and his new works performed in a narrow circle of friends, all the while devoting to the composition.

His last years were complicated by Chopin difficult financial situation and pulmonary disease. He almost stopped writing music. The last concert Chopin gave in autumn 1848 in London in favor of Polish immigrants.

The Chopin creativity is one of the greatest achievements of Polish and world music. It was influenced by many generations of musicians. Chopin was unsurpassed melodist, his compositional technique was different from those of his era rules and methods. He was the author of more than fifty mazurkas, three piano sonatas, several ballads. Especially popular are his waltzes.

Many well-known contemporaries were admirers of Chopin: composers Franz Liszt, Robert Schumann, Felix Mendelssohn, Adolf Meyerbeer, Ignaz Moscheles, Hector Berlioz, singer Adolphe Nourrit, poets Heinrich Heine and Adam Mickiewicz, the artist Eugène Delacroix, a journalist Agathon Giller and many others.

Elena Tarasyuk, Anna Bidnyuk


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