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Volunteer Battalion is created in KPI

2014.09.09 У КПІ створено Волонтерський  батальйон

At the initiative of the Rector M.Z. Zgurovsky a charitable organization "Volunteer Battalion KPI" was created in NTUU"KPI". Its purpose - to assist the Military, the wounded and the families of employees of the KPI, died in the ATO. Constituent Assembly Volunteer Battalion NTUU "KPI" was held on September 9, 2014. The Assembly was attended by  representatives of institutions, departments, trade unions and the Student Council of NTUU "KPI".

The meeting elected the headquarters of the following members:     

  • Chairman - Stepan Kudrya, Dr. Tech. Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Renewable Energy FEPEA.
  • Deputy for Administration - Elena Belyaeva, chief engineer of ESC "IASA".

Meeting of the volunteer battalion adopted the following activities:

  • raising  funds for the military needs;
  • help a military unit located in the ATO zone by:
    1. uniforms (jackets, waterproof suits, underwear, etc.);
    2. household goods (tents, sleeping bags, shovels, dishes, etc.);
    3. non-lethal military equipment (kevlar helmets, bulletproof vests, tactical knee pads, tactical gloves, binoculars, rangefinders, etc.);
    4. individual Medical Sets for soldiers.
  • help the wounded soldiers who are receiving treatment in the Main Military Medical Clinical Centre "The Main Military Clinical Hospital", Kiev;
  • help the bereaved families of students and staff KPI.

Fundraising in the faculties is carried out  by the authorized faculty person - a member of the volunteer battalion of NTUU "KPI", which provides information the headquarters. The raised  funds are for purchasing items on request fighters of the under patronage military unit in Zone ATO. Employees KPI transfer them directly to the military. In order to maintain the morale of soldiers each department adds to the things sent a postcard from the staff and students with words of encouragement, gratitude, etc. ..

To provide assistance to the wounded  the Volunteer Battalion creates the basis of staff and students who wish to and can participate in this activity. In addition, it assists in education the soldiers who will not be able to return to the ranks of the Armed Forces because of their injuries.

Another activity Volunteer Battalion KPI is to provide logistical support in the operation of the hospital departments.

The Volunteer Battalion also makes lists of staff and students of NTUU "KPI", dead in zone ATO and during the events on Independence square, learns their families needs and addresses issues to help them.


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