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Leisure students KPI - Vietnam citizens

Колектив КПІ. Дозвілля студентів КПІ – громадян  В’єтнаму

Students from Vietnam like football. So they willingly responded to the invitation to meet on July 12 on the football field with his disciples Borispol secondary school I-III stages number 6.

First impressions have surpassed all expectations. Pupils met students with bread and salt, in national costumes - as it should be in the Ukrainian tradition. Sincere greetings of Ukrainian girls have created a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. It was clear that all participants are tuned not only to play on the football field and cheer for your favorite team, but also to communicate.

The meeting continued in the study of geography, where students again felt themselves as schoolars. Director, Vera Mazur, congratulated the guests, acquainted them with the Ukraine traditions related to bread, and talked about music and sports achievements of students. Physical education teacher, Igor Gaman presented the school team and the players. spoke about their achievements - winning not only in the city, but also at the regional level. It became clear that the opponent on the football field will be serious.

In turn, a graduate of the NTUU"KPI" Do Dick Huyen spoke about his country. The audience watched the video, try the national dishes of Vietnam.

Friendly meeting continued artistic performances. With enthusiasm the students listened to the song "My Ukraine" by a student of 7th class Karina Pekalyuk. The student Le Thai Shon showed his talent - simulated game on various musical instruments, and Van Dick Tai sang "Marigolds" in Ukrainian. Everyone present was pleased to support the artist.

For the memory of the meeting, the participants exchanged souvenirs and expressed a desire to continue to meet in the new school year. Students thanked the organizers of the meeting: the school principal Vera Ivanovna Mazur, her deputy for educational work Valentina Kuz'menko and Oksana Nikolaevna Ponomareva and music leader Olga Dzyubin for hospitality and interesting dialogue.

Зустріч була завершена футбольним матчем, який закінчився з рахунком 6:3 на користь українців з в'єтнамцями, з культурою двох країн, що стало ще одним міс¬точком дружби до миру і злагоди у світі.

The football match was carried out after the meeting, with a final score of 6: 3 in favor of the home team. But the students were not confused by the unfavoured result, because the main thing was the acquaintance with Ukrainians, with the culture of the two countries, which is another bridge of friendship for peace and harmony in the world.

Raisa Kutoriy, curator of the Vietnamese national groups, the teacher of geography


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