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The budget execution of NTUU "KPI" for the year 2012

The budget of the University in 2012 from all sources of income amounted to 825.7 million USD, which is 8.3% more than the budget of the previous year.

There were during the execution of the budget some complications in the payment of wages due to the fact that the actual need for funds to pay for labor exceeded the estimated figures by 33.8 mln.
In order to ensure all of the social benefits of workers , the trade union committee of the university and administration took effective measures to save wage fund, which meet full understanding and support of the entire polytechnics collective.

Thanks to the taken measures, the university was able to finish the fiscal year with no debts on wages.
In addition to wages, employees of the University in 2012, received financial assistance for rehabilitation and in terms of the Collective Agreement in the amount of more than 13.0 million UAH; bonuses and other cash awards worth more than 5.4 million UAH. Almost 660.0 thousand UAH in addition to the salary was received by winners of monitoring the quality of teaching and teachers-researchers. The average salary at the university in 2012 reached 4,085.8 UAH per month, which exceeded the corresponding figure for 2011 over 6.7%.

The payment of scholarships to students, graduate students and doctoral candidates was done completely. The average size of scholarships to students was increased by 37.7%, graduate - by 25.0%, doctoral candidates - by 20.0%. Scholarship students from the number of orphans have been increased by 51.7%.

Income to the special fund in 2012 for the first time exceeded $ 200.0 million UAH. Nearly 50.0% of the total revenue is money on tuition contracts of undergraduate and graduate students, post-graduate and a second higher education, more than 15.0% are receipts for paid services campus, a 12.0% - payment for carrying out scientific research.

As a result of constant work on the heat, energy-and water-saving there was more than 7.0% decline in volume of consumption of all kinds of public services in real terms. But after a steady increase in prices and tariffs for the total expanditure compared with the previous year was increased by 4.2 million and amounted to 53.9 million UAH.

Because of increasing the amount of the expanditure of a special fund for mandatory prepay, the university was forced to reduce the cost of equipment procurement, current and capital repairs. But by attracting sponsorship and charitable funds Development Index & quot increased overall by 58.2% against the previous year.

The increase in the provision of advanced types of paid services led to increase in Index Quality of Development & quot by 14.9% compared to 2011.

Academic Council budget for the year 2012 is recognized as performed.
During the execution of the budget for 2013 the university administration will continue to work to improve the structure of toll services and more efficient use of financial resources for all types of income to ensure that both the statutory activities and social NTUU & quot; KPI & quot ;

O.I. Bolieva, deputy head of DEF


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