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Science-Research Institute of Telecommunications (SRD)

SRIT Scientific Advisor - Michael E. Il'chenko.
Address: 03056; Kiev-56; Industrial lane 2, Science-Research Institute of Telecommunications.
Phone: +380 (44) 204-83-13

Science-Research Institute of Telecommunications is a subdivision of the Scientific and Research (SRD) "KPI". The main activities of the Research Institute are:

  • perform research and development work commissioned by the state of the priority directions of science and technology in close correlation with training;
  • the scientific - research and development work under the orders of state enterprises and enterprises in other forms of property;
  • innovation, engineering, implementation of research and development institute in various industries to meet the needs of internal and external market;
  • introduction of scientific - technological development, including through the Science Park "Kyiv Polytechnic" release small batches of products developed with the use of modern forms of these measures and the implementation of supervision over the use of scientific and technological developments;
  • participation in training and re-training of scientific, educational and engineering personnel qualifications, particularly in the framework of the Institute of Telecommunication Systems University as its basic research environment;
  • international cooperation within the direct ties and individual contacts with foreign partners;
  • implementation of promotional activities on the development, production and sales in domestic and foreign markets products research institute.
  • The main objectives of the Research Institute is conducting research in priority areas of science and technology in close relation to the preparation of professionals. In planning their scientific research institute based on:
  • priority areas of science and technology, determined by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Ministry of Education;
  • government and industry R & D programs;
  • actual problems of engineering practice.

Translator: Тетяна Заципіліна ЛА-13


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