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Voloshko Svetlana Mikhailivna. Magic professor

Photo. Voloshko Svetlana Mikhailivna

There is no need to present Svetlana Mikhailivna Voloshko, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor of Metal Physics IFB in Kiev Polytechnic. This charming woman, whom colleagues treat with a well-deserved respect and love, students and alumni, can be found not only in the students' classrooms, laboratories, conferences and other important events, but also among young people in informal communication. She is an experienced mentor and a reliable friend. E-mail box every day brings her many letters. People ask her about job training and with personal issues. She is trusted and people ask her personal questions. The trust to the teacher is the highest distinction.

Svetlana Mikhailivna graduated with honors from KPI (the Department of Metal Physics) (USSR Academy of Medal Sciences for the best research work among students), from 1985 she has been working in the Kiev Polytechnic Institute. In 1993 she received an individual grant Soros Foundation and in 1995-1997 was a Fellow of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Three times she was the winner of the contest "teacher-researcher" in 2006, 2008, 2009.

Research interests are diffusion structural phase transitions in low-dimensional metallic compositions and thin layers. The purpose of experimental research is to determine the general laws of kinetics and mass transfer mechanisms, structural and phase transformations, formation and self-organization of surface nanostructures in thin-film multilayer systems during thermal exposure. Special attention is paid to solving initial value problems of mass transfer in a new, more complex setting, and their use in experimental practice of thin film materials science.

Svetlana Mikhailivna is a curator of research laboratories of electronic spectroscopy and mass spectrometry of secondary ions of Department of Metal Physics. Professor S.M. Voloshko is a Scientific Project Coordinator of VISBY project named "Thin metal films - the interaction of diffusion and structural boundaries" of the Department of Physics of Metals and Angstrom Laboratory, University of Uppsala (Sweden). In September 2009, took part in a meeting of the Swedish Vacuum community in Uppsala. The Master Anna Oleshkevych who performs a thesis under the direction of S.M.Voloshko passed academic training in the subject of Angstrom Laboratory project within 2 months.

Scientific achievement of S.M.Voloshko is reflected in numerous publications. She has published more than 100 scientific papers, co-authored books "Material high temperature superconductors", "Materials of thin-filmed nanostructures. Diffusion and reaction "," Non-linear mass transfer tasks ',' Mathematical modulation of diffusion processes ","Actual problems of thin film materials science". She is engaged in introduction of new information technologies in the educational process, the main achievements are assigned by 7th certificate of registration of copyright.

S.M.Voloshko teaches such disciplines: "The theory of heat and mass transfer in materials", "Thermodynamics and kinetics of diffusion in metals", "Computer simulation of heat and mass transfer in materials", "Information technology of solving physical and technical tasks".

She was awarded with the diploma of NTUU "KPI" for quality scientific guidance of masters and diploma of creative leadership for certification of competition at the All master's theses in the field of materials science, Diploma of the Presidium of NAS of Ukraine and the Presidium of the Kiev regional branch of MAN of Ukraine for many years of fruitful cooperation in the education of future scientific changes thanks to a MES of Ukraine for professionalism and significant contributions to the development of creative and intellectual abilities of pupils and others.

Achievements of students of Svetlana Mikhailivna is also the first place in All-competition graduation projects, dissertations and master's theses "Material engineering - 2007"; scholarships and prizes of Kyiv Mayor, Principal Scholarship, first place at an international conference of students and graduates, which is held annually at the Department of Metal Physics.

Congratulations to all the women from Kyiv Polytechnic Institute and S.M.Voloshko on the occasion and we wish them to be always beautiful and successful.

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Translator: Жанна Микуляк ЛА-11


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