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Research Institute of Automation of Experimental Studies

organized in 1993
Scientific adviser – Doctor of engineering science, professor Tuz Yu.M.
tel. +380 44 204 8220
e-mail: tuz[at]


  • carrying out scientific researches and problems of detection, identification, analysis, creation and effective usage of technical systems of high complexity;
  • creation of technical means of certification of production and intersystem tests on resistance and compliance with the requirements of electromagnetic compatibility;
  • study the processes of air pollution and basins, monitoring of ecosystems;
  • concept development and creation of opened information - measuring systems, research development and implementation of methods, algorithms and software optimization of scientific experiment;
  • works in the field of development and creation of voltmeters and generators of an alternating voltage, transformers of R-type, measuring tenzomodules and gas analyzers, modules of digital signal processing.

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