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Research Institute of Automation and Energy "Energiya"

Founded in 1991
CEO Ph. D. Kalinchik V.P.
Tel. +38 044 204 8521

SRI "Energiya" solves a wide range of issues related to energy conservation, control power consumption modes, multilevel resource saving management of power supply systems.

The main scientific achievements of SRI “Energiya” activity are:

  • Development and implementation of methods for accounting, control and management of power consumption modes;
  • Analysis, forecast and control energy use;
  • Multi-objective optimization of energy distribution;
  • Development of multi-functional systems in electricity tariffs;
  • The development of common requirements and rules for the application of devices for energy metering;
  • Development of methods and systems for integrated management (active and reactive power, voltage) of the power supply modes of industrial facilities;
  • Development of the state standards of Ukraine in the field of power engineering;
  • Development of the concept of automated accounting systems of electricity in terms of the energy market;
  • Development of technical requirements for commercial electric power accounting systems;
  • Development of the standard design solutions of automated accounting systems of electricity for different categories of consumers;
  • Development and implementation of energy control systems.

Theoretical developments have been widely introduced in production.


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