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Photo. Oleg Lavrynenko

Year 2013 has become the lucky one for Oleg Lavrynenko who is the advanced student of the Institute of Telecommunication Systems. He has become not only the presidential grant holder but was chosen as "The Student of the Year 2013" of the Institute of Telecommunication Systems NTUU KPI. Oleg studies at the Department of Telecommunications and the head of this department is M.Y. Ilchenko, who is a member of Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences.

Oleg has considerable experience of taking part in international conferences and co-authored several scientific articles and abstracts, took part and won first places in the national contests,such as:

- All-Ukrainian Student Contest " Telecommunications " 2012 – where he won a team place for the extraordinary way of solving the problem concerning the subject " Theory of communication" ;

- The 2nd round of the All-Ukrainian competition of students research papers 2012/2013 BC. , in the field of "Radio engineering " in Kharkiv in 2013 – He got the 3d place ( his supervising teacher was H.L. Avdyeyenko );

- All-Ukrainian Student contest "Telecommunications " in 2013.

His achievements are resulting from his work in the scientific group of professor Y.A.Yakornov , who is Oleg’s master's thesis curator.

After winning George Agricola scholarship Oleg was studying (one semester from 10/01/2013 till 04/01/2014) on an exchange program at the Technical University of Dresden. He said that he had enjoyed being there because of a beautiful city, new subjects, radically different system of education, his own room in the dormitory and communication with students from over the world. Everything was interesting and unusual.

In addition to exemplary studying he took an active part in students life. From the 1st academic year he became a group prefect and from the 2nd academic year became a member of the Student Council Scientific Department and Student Council of the Institute of Telecommunication Systems NTUU KPI. Also he organized activities for students, such as Brain-rings and " What? Where? When? " and other contests of intelligence. In his spare time he likes playing football, roller-skating along the Polytechnic street, playing his harmonica.

Oleg Lavrynenko is a versatile intelligent personality, interesting and cheerful companion, responsible and diligent concerning his studying.

We are proud of such students studying at the Institute of Telecommunication Systems NTUU “KPI”!

Alexander Kravets


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