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The search of new youth job placement mechanisms

2013.02.15 Міжнародний семінар за участю українських експертів із працевлаштування

The group of Ukrainian experts came back from the Polish city Zheshuv on the 17th of February 2013. They studied the work of the Polish job placement institutions. The experts learned the work specifics of the Subcarpthia volunteer groups corps which have the same functions as the Ukrainian regional youth job placement centers. The Polish Specialists presented detailed information concerning juridical bases of their work, organization structure, project work, peculiarities of the units in the field of job mediation and professional consultations functioning, as well as education and youth upbringing.

The National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” was represented by the legal consultant of the juridical department Elyzaveta Kuzmenko.

The expert group also attended the Vojevodkyj and Povitovyj job placement centers of the Subcarpathia. The Polish colleagues showed great hospitality to the Ukrainian experts, sharing useful information and their work results in the youth employment sphere. Live debates and discussions helped to study the work of the Polish institution. During these debates and discussions the experts could ask questions helpful for deeper understanding of the work peculiarities of their Polish colleagues.

During the internship the participants attended the Higher school of Computer Science and Management in Zheshuv. A lot of Ukrainian students study there. The communication with specialists of the Higher school career bureau was very useful. They shared their experience in the sphere of an employment and youth internships.

Attending of the BD CENTER private company was also interesting and useful for the expert group. The experts studied the peculiarities of the company work for the commercialization, sharing knowledge and technologies from the world of science and the world of business.

The experts had an opportunity to discuss and use the new experience and information about experience of their Polish colleagues in job placements during the work meeting. The variety of thoughts became the basis for interesting discussions. As the result, the representatives from different Ukrainian regions could develop the mechanism for further cooperation with Polish partners.

The results of the project were represented on Friday, February 15th during the International seminar. The project coordinators from Poland and Ukraine Valentyna Dmytrenko and Svyatoslav Abramyuk as well as other high-ranking Polish state institution representatives addressed to the public with words of gratitude.

The experts got acquainted with the Polish history and culture after visiting interesting excursions to the underground highway in Zheshuv, to the Pototski Lancut castle and to the Glass Legacy in Krosno.

The result of the Ukrainian experts work:

  1. The foundation of organizations and institutions contributing to the youth job placement in Ukraine and signing of the Memorandum;
  2. Signing of the Cooperation agreement between the heads of the Ukrainian job placement organizations and the Polish Subcarpthia volunteer work groups;
  3. Preparation of new direction in further cooperation in the sphere of job placement made by experts;

We hope that the efforts of experts would effectively implement Polish experience of the effective youth job placement policy into the work of youth job placement organizations in Ukraine.

The internship took place under the international project “The search of new youth job placement mechanisms” which is financed by the Charity fund named after Bogdan Havrylyshyn. The event was organized by the All-Ukrainian social youth organization “The youth job placement center”, Ternopil regional youth job center and the Subcarpthia volunteer work groups (Poland).

Elyzaveta Kuzmenko


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