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The history of the Slavic alphabet. May 24 - The Day of Slavic Writing and Culture

слов'янська абетка

The appearance of writing is extremely important in the history of any nation. This is one of the most important part of culture, which in space and time expanding the functioning of language. The problem of the appearance of the Slavic writing is very complicated. For years the scientists are interested in the following questions: when and how the Slavic writing appeared, Slavic alphabet, and if our ancestors had before any other written signs.

For a long time there was an opinion that our writing has appeared only after Christianization of Kievan Rus', when liturgical books were brought from Byzantium and Bulgaria. Here is an example how Aurelius Augustine wrote, known as St. Augustine (354-430 AD): “That subjectively reasonable that exists in us, that is what the mind talented and smart-objective works or administered by it, is linked to certain natural connection to communicate with those with whom she shared this mind. But because man could not establish secure communication with another person if they did not talk to each other and thus did not transfer to each other their feelings and thoughts, it is objectively reasonable finds the necessity to mark items, that is to say certain sounds that are signs ... ”.

In many places where our ancestors once settled, especially in the northern Black Sea coast, archaeologists often found on stone plates, amphorae mysterious, strange signs. But the existence of writing in the old days is still open.

The first historian of ancient Slavic alphabet Bulgarian scholar, scientist-monk Chornoryzets Hrabr who lived in the X century at the court of the Bulgarian Tsar Simeon, in his book "About writing" tells the story of two phases of the Slavonic writing.

The first stage was when the Slavs were still pagans, so use dashes and serifs

The second stage was after the adoption of Christianity, when they began to write Roman and Greek inscriptions.

And it was so, until the great enlighteners of the Slavs - brothers Cyryl and Methodius were created an alphabet.

The language introduced by Cyryl and Methodius, was the language of the East Slavic peoples, therefore, Ukrainian.

Glagolitic is the ancient system of Slavic writing, signed by Saint Cyryl. There is no data on the systematic use of Glagolitic in Ukraine, but it was known by the time of the existence of Kievan state in manuscripts XI-XV centuries.

Cyryllyc is an advanced writing system, named after Cyryl. That Slavonic alphabet was used for hundreds of years and has become the foundation of modern alphabets of many Slavic nations. The names of Cyryl and Methodius forever recorded in the history of Slavs.

Ukraine as the young European country with the acquirement of its independence also honors Slavic teachers whose researches contributed to the achievement of that time and the future establishment of Ukrainian literature. During the oath first President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk allegiance to the people of Ukraine, along with the Constitution and the Act of Independence of Ukraine was laying luxuriously decorated manuscripts. It was Peresopnitske Gospel - the first known up to now from the translations of the Gospel text, literary and written language translation that did Cyryl and Methodius.
On the Day of Slavic Writing and Culture we would like to pay tribute and say: “Eternal memory and glory to brothers Cyryl and Methodius”.

L.I.Dubenyuk, lecturer of Ukrainian language, literature and culture, FL


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