Regulations on the annual review of the competition for the best student dormitory campus with living conditions, exemplary order and providing conditions for training and leisure activities of young people

1. General Provisions

Review-competition for the best student dormitory campus "KPI" with living conditions and to ensure the education and leisure of young people, aimed at identifying weaknesses and improving living conditions, education and leisure nonresident students "KPI", as well as implementation of Presidential Decree Ukraine from 27.04.99 g. N 456 (456/99) "on measures to develop spirituality, morality and protection of healthy lifestyle of citizens."

The organizers, the administration of "KPI" students trade union committee of "KPI" campus administration "KPI" Student Council and Student Council of the University campus.

The aim of the competition is to identify the best experience of living conditions for living, learning and leisure of students and enhance the student government in the formation of healthy lifestyle and active life position of young citizens of Ukraine.

2. The objective of the competition

The objectives of the competition are:

  • Improvement of the student government (student dormitories councils "KPI");
  • Dissemination of best practice to improve living conditions and to organize self and Leisure students;
  • Encouraging the active participation of students in the organization of leisure and a healthy lifestyle;
  • Identify shortcomings living conditions in dormitories campus;
  • Improvement of living conditions in dormitories campus, the conditions for education and recreation;
  • Improving the conservation status of state property.

3. The procedure for the review contest

3.1. Review Contest for the best hostel campus "KPI" is held in two stages (in two categories):

Round 1 - "The best hostel design dedicated to the New Year holidays" (31 December of the current school year);

Round 2 - (total) "Best hostel campus" KPI "(April-May of the current school year).

4. Evaluation Criteria participate in the review contest

4.1 In assessing all tours jury of the competition should pay attention to:

  • Availability dorm material base, providing proper living conditions and living conditions, education and recreation;
  • Entrance hall with living room and place to another in the hostel;
  • Work room;
  • Lounge;
  • Storage of personal, commercial, bedding, sports equipment and Cleaning equipment (lockers);
  • Head room hostel;
  • Sanitary facilities (sinks, toilets, showers, etc.);
  • Facilities for sports (sports room);
  • Organizing proper operation of the existing material base hostel and ensure its preservation (uses instructions, rules, etc.);
  • The state of conservation of the property in the rooms and public spaces;
  • Sanitary condition of rooms (check no less than 10 rooms);
  • Sanitary condition of public places (kitchen, hallways, etc.);
  • A stronger financial base hostel (through public funding, living costs and their parents);
  • The quality of the annual and current repairs of dormitories;
  • The existence and maintenance of operational equipment required to ensure fire safety awareness and organization of students on these issues;
  • Providing conditions for student learning, focus and consistency of such activities;

The quality, timeliness and efficiency of the planning of educational work in hostel (general plan and student council hostel experience);

  • Preparing and holding events in the hostel;
  • Organization of groups and clubs;
  • Availability, aesthetics and efficiency of information stands, showcases, stinnivok, design billboards.

5. Conclusions

5.1 In the first round of the competition for the "Best design hostel dedicated to the New Year holidays" and the second (final) in the nomination "The best hostel campus" KPI "on the basis jury elected three best hostels and awarded the title - the first, second and third place according to nominations.

5.2. The forms of moral and material incentives winners of the competition for the best hostel campus "KPI" in all rounds by the administration and the student trade union committee of "KPI". To encourage also can include sponsors and charities.

5.3. The winners are awarded with diplomas, encouraging decorations, valuable gifts from the administration and trade union committee of students of "KPI".

5.4. Experience of the dormitory, according to the results of the competition recognized as the best, highlighted by a university press.


The provisions was in question at a meeting of the presidium of the trade union committee of students

Minutes № 72 of "04". December 2003