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Samofalov Konstantin Grigor'evich

Фото. Самофалов Костянтин Григорович

Konstantin G. Samofalov - a corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, doctor of technical sciences, professor, laureate of State Prize of the USSR and the Ukrainian SSR.

K.G.Samofalov  was born November 12, 1921 in Sumy region  in a small city Druzhby. It was said  that that fall in the village there were many cases of typhus and birth of a boy was registered  only when it became clear that the child will live. He finished school in 1940. In the  school he was a good student, was seriously interested in sports, had the first rank in gymnastics. Even in school his organizing abilities were showed: two years in a row he headed a Komsomol organization of the school. By Komsomol assignment after graduation he went to the Black Sea Fleet. The Great Patriotic War Konstantin G. met  in Odessa. One of the first volunteer sailors came down from his warship to fight in the famous 1st Marine Regiment defending Odessa. October 16, 1941, he was included in a special group of sailors, to undermines the port facilities. He was the last to leave Odessa. Then there were  Sevastopol and Novorossiisk, Kerch and Sevastopol again. There was a bitter retreat, there was the joy of victory. And there were three injures. For feats during landing at Eltigen, after the war, he was awarded the title of honorary citizen of the city of Kerch. Then, completely surrounded on a small piece of land they fought  more than a month. During the fighting on the Danube there was an order to send the most experienced fighters Marines in the Far East. "The war in the Pacific was not easy, the Japanese defended very desperate" - recalled veteran. The war is over for him only in Port Arthur. Konstantin Samofalov exploits during World War II marked by 3 orders and  6 medals.

Thirst for learning led Sergeant 1st Class K..G Samofalov in Kiev Polytechnic Institute. Immediately after demobilization he became a student of Faculty of Electrical Engineering. After graduation of the KPI, in 1951 he was admitted in the graduate school. From 1954 Konstantin Grigor'evich  is on a pedagogical work. It was here that it was fully revealed his exceptional talent of an educator, organizer and scientist. Outstanding milestone of his organizational and pedagogical activity was the creation of the first in Ukraine KPI Computer Engineering Department, which was headed by Konstantin Grigor'evich from 1960 to 1990. On the basis of the department of computer engineering by the efforts K. Samofalova  the first in Ukraine Department of Applied Mathematics was founded, as well as the department of specialized computer systems. Now these departments are  basic in Ukraine.

It is impossible to overestimate the personal contribution of K. Samofalov as a teacher, scientist, organizer of science and higher education in the timely provision of industry, research, academic and educational institutions with qualified engineers and scientists in computer science.

Outstanding scientist and teacher K. Samofalov created in NTUU"KPI" and brought to the world level the research and teaching school, which is represented in Ukraine and in the 12 countries by  50 professors and 10 Department of Informatics and Computing. There are among the students of the school Academicians and Corresponding Members of NAS of Ukraine and academies of other countries. Scientific-methodical works of  K. Samofalov become classics (12 books in different languages). He led the educational direction of Computer Engineering Scientific and Methodological Council of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, as a member of the Professional Board he was actively involved in the reform of higher education in Ukraine.

Pedagogical and organizational activities Konstantin Grigor'evich organically combined with fruitful scientific work. Talented scientist, author of over 400 scientific papers, 19 books and 124 inventions, K. Samofalov undertook a significant contribution to the fundamental theory of computing. He explained the new direction in science and a scientific school of homogeneous and combined computing environments, which led to creation of the world's first integrated dielectric matrix memory. This remarkable achievement of world-class in 1989 was awarded the USSR State Prize in the field of science and technology. become A fundamental monograph "Fundamentals of the theory of multi-tier computing systems" became a significant, internationally recognized contribution to the theory of modern computing systems  K.Samofalov personally trained 12 doctors and 100 candidates of sciences. For 30 years, he led Specialized Council for the award of the degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences.

Outstanding scientific-pedagogical and organizational activity KG Samofalova was awarded by the Order of Lenin (1990), the Order "Badge of Honor" (1986). He was the winner of the State Prize of the USSR in the field of science and technology (1978).

Corresponding Member of NASU K. Samofalov conducted fruitful organizational and scientific activity in the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, was a member of the Presidium of the Ukrainian National Committee of the International Association of computer simulation IMACS, the presidium of the Scientific Society of Radio Electronics and Communications of Ukraine, member of the editorial boards of several prestigious scientific periodicals, Vice-President society "Ukraine - Jordan."

Colleagues and students Konstantin Samofalov appreciated him for his great life wisdom, deep knowledge, erudition and an active position in science and public life. High professionalism, humanity, sincerity, honesty and integrity inherent K.Samofalov, made ​​him well-deserved authority among a wide range of specialists in computer technologies, colleagues, teachers and students.


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