FEL Scientist Anton Varfolomieiev Studies Computer Vision Systems

Artificial intelligence systems, created and improved by scientists worldwide, are widely used in everyday human activities and special-purpose products. Ten years ago, Anton Varfolomieiev, a young graduate student at the Department of Electronic Computational Equipment Design of the Faculty of Electronics (FEL), began to study technical vision systems. He also is deeply engaged in digital image processing and image sequences through object recognition and visual object tracking. 

By that time, he had already finished the National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” and received a master's degree with honors in “Production of electronic devices”. Anton got the qualification in electronic devices and continued his research and teaching activities at FEL Department. In 2011-2017, Anton Varfolomieiev had worked as an Assistant Professor and Senior Lecturer. Since November 2017, he has been working as an Associate Professor of the Department of Electronic Computational Equipment Design. In 2014, Anton presented his dissertation “Methods and software and hardware of high efficiency for tracking objects on video sequences”.

Anton Varfolomieiev focuses on methods of digital image processing, object recognition, and visual object tracking. He is the author of 45 publications, including a single monograph, 39 scientific papers indexed and placed in the international scientometric databases Scopus and Web of Science. Besides, he has five educational and methodological publications. He prepared scientific publications in tandem with students and postgraduate students; they cover image processing, implementation of object recognition and tracking systems on embedded devices, reliable transmission of video streams in general-purpose networks. Recent research regard object tracking systems on multispectral video sequences, gesture recognition, and image resolution enhancement methods. 

In 2017-2020, the scientist participated in two state budget kinds of research on portable object tracking systems and implementation of the image transmission channel in the multi-channel thermal imaging and television complex of search-detection. Anton was a responsible executor in the first of the projects. 

The researcher does not forget about teaching. In particular, he teaches Computer Vision Systems, Computer Science, and Functional and Logical Design. The young researcher helps students in doing research, participating in conferences, publishing articles. He is also a thesis advisor and helps prepare bachelors, masters, and postgraduate theses. His students are the winners of the All-Ukrainian competition of student research papers. In 2019, a master student B. Krachok received the III degree diploma in Computer Science and Cybernetics. 

The University competition among young scientists awarded Anton Varfolomieiev the title of “Young Teacher-Researcher 2020”. These are only the first steps towards scientific recognition. The researcher has a lot of work ahead because the time has come to realize his objectives.