Physical Education is in the conditions of quarantine

The education in Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute occurs remotely in a period of quarantine, according to the order of chancellor from March, 17 of 2020 № 7-60. H.Boyko told to our correspondent about the features of implementation of this order and teaching "Physical education" and educational discipline of "Basis of healthy way of life".

Teachers of departments of physical education and sporting perfection worked out in an educational process on the platform of the controlled from distance studies "Sikorsky" theoretical materials for teaching and task for realization of current and semester control after educational "Physical education" and educational discipline "Basis of healthy way of life", on the implementation of order of chancellor. Tasks envisage the preparation of reports and stowage of complexes of physical exercises. Students must execute a task in accordance with the course of studies and select by them type of sport. All information is contained on the platform of the controlled from distance studies of Moodle of our university after reference "Physical education and bases of healthy life".

It should be said, that an order put not simple tasks before teachers of two departments. In fact students have the opportunity to elect one of 15 offered types of sport in our university: aerobics, basketball, boxing, swimming, sporting gymnastics, tennis, football and others. It was necessary to work out a theoretical course for 10 practical employments (that did not take place through a quarantine) for 1th and 10 employments for 2th courses after 15 types of sport and, except it, yet 30 complete sets of tasks (15 for a 1th course and 15 for 2th). Teachers of both departments executed the task in time.

Physical education and educational discipline "Basis of healthy way of life", as well as any educational disciplines, form the certain competense of specialists for students. It is the most important for person, because only healthy person can be a valuable specialist and citizen. And the proper state of health provides not a medicine, but healthy way of life.

At the end I want to advise teachers and workers in a period a quarantine not to forget every day to execute exercises for supporting proper body condition. I can recommend the complex of exercises