Drone development and drone racing Club invites

If you want to learn how to make copters - join us!

The topic of multicopters is actual today. Creating drones\multicopters, controller programming, Drone racing, FPV flights, and other skills will help you get a job in the specialty and combine hobby, sports and science.

The profession of multicopter operator is already on the list of top 10 most high demand occupations in the world.

The tasks of our team:

  • development of construction skills;
  • designing models of aircraft of different functional purpose;
  • formation of a steady interest in technical creativity;
  • development of skills with different tools and equipment;
  • 3D printing and modeling training.

Classes are held in the bench hall of building No. 28 (IAT) Igor Sikorsky KPI in a specially created workshop for aviation modeling with the necessary conditions and convenient workplaces.

Training system has been set up.

Mobile competitions for racing of radio-controlled models are held.

Head of the club and instructor - graduate of KPI, graduate student and project manager of BPAC at "Meridian" OJSC Maksym Mykolayovych Sheremet.

Classes: Mon-Thurs, 5:30 pm-8pm, aud. 012.

Our group: https://t.me/BPLA_KPI