The information-dialogue platform for the university

The main issues on the agenda of the University Administrative Council meeting, which was under the leadership of the rector of the NAS of Ukraine Mykhailo Zgurovsky on June 13, was the one concerning development and implementation of the information dialogue platform of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute (IDP).

This platform is created to organize effective communication between university staff and students with the leadership of institutes, faculties, and other university units. In their turn, the purpose of such communications is to provide prompt responses to the requests from KPI students by the heads of the units and relevant services.

It should be noted that the creation of the telegram-channels system of the Deans of the faculties and institutes in the university by the decision of the Administrative Council began in November last year. First of all, it aimed to organize promptly informing teachers and students about the educational process and events in the university and faculty life. According to Vice-Rector of Prospective Development Alexey Novikov, nowadays, 23 faculties and institutes have such channels of communication. They have already had over 7,600 followers, and their number is always growing.

Therefore, the IDP is not being created without reasons. Communication, based on it, should provide a new level of interaction teachers and students with the administration of the faculties, the university and prompt response to requests, and messages in a private dialogue. This will be achieved as closely as possible to the platform and place with problems and, of course, to users with their suggestions, requests, and wishes. In turn, it will provide an opportunity for quick solving of the issues.

The university IDP and platform administrators in the units will have been appointed by the end of this month. In the Regulation on the University Information Dialogue Platform project is stipulated that it will allow any discussion or public activity that does not contradict netiquette and enactments.In doing so, the University has the right to remove illegal, useless or indecent messages without warning. Moreover, any confidential information or personal data posted to the University IDP will be removed by the administrator immediately after detection.

The test version of the platform should be created by the end of August this year. Then her trials will begin. It is planned that the test system will be by the end of the year for final testing of it. Therefore, in the new academic year, the university will have a new powerful tool for the prompt response to issues that may arise in the work process and to ensure maximum openness in its activities.