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VIII Conference on High Pressure Materials Processing

2017.05.29-06.02 VIII Conference on High Pressure Materials Processing

The VIII International scientific and technical conference "Theoretical and practical problems in the processing of materials by pressure and quality of professional education" was held on May 29 - June 2, 2017 in the town of Zaliznyi Port. Its main organizers were the Department of Mechanics of Material Plasticity and Resource Saving Processes of the Institute of Mechanical Engineeringof the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv polytechnic Institute and Kherson National Technical University.

The conference was attended by representatives of technical universities of Ukraine, NAS of Ukraine, industrial enterprises. There were 70 participants in total, including 15 doctors of sciences (I.S. Aliyev, V.A.Ohorodnikov, Y.G.Rozov, I.O.Syvak, V.A.Titov, O.Ya.Kachan, I.V. Dobrov and others). Plenary and two sectional sessions were held: "Theoretical and practical problems of cold processing of metals by means of pressure and technical mechanics", "Theoretical problems of metal processing by pressure and practical problems in hot-pressed billets and rolling mills". In addition, within the framework of the conference were considered in full volume, discussed and recommended for defense doctoral dissertation of Ph.D., R.I.Sivak and candidate's dissertation D.M.Savchenko.

The topics of the conference included the following areas of scientific research:
- Theoretical and practical problems of plastic shaping of machine building constructions;
- Information technologies in the preparation of production in modern machine building;
- Trends in the development of equipment for processing metal by pressure and other processes;
- Improvement of resource and operational reliability of machine-building products by technological methods;
- Problems of technical development of industrial complexes.

The conference participants adopted a resolution in which they formulated recommendations for scientists working in the field of metal-working pressure. They relate to the directions of the development of resource-saving technologies and research methods, the improvement of the quality of products management system and the modernization of vocational education.

The proceedings of the conference have been published in a separate brochure. In addition, according to the results of the conference, it is planned to form and publish a collective monograph entitled "Theory and Practice of Metal Working Pressure, Volume II".


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