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The representative of Igor Sikorsky KPI took part in the 12th European conference on non-destructive testing (ECNDT 2018)

2018.06.11-15 Європейська конференція з неруйнівного контролю (ECNDT 2018)

The representative of Igor Sikorsky KPI took part in the 12th European conference on non-destructive testing (ECNDT 2018), which was organized in Goteborg (Sweden) on 11th-15th of June. The organizers were European Federation for Non-Destructive Testing (EFNDT) along with the Nordic NDT Societies.

The conference was opened by P. Merck (President of Non-Destructive Testing Society (FOP), Head of ECNDT), professor P. Trampus (President of EFNDT), S. Babu (Chairman of Internation Society of NDT (ICNDT), E. Rotenberg (Major Deputy of Goteborg) etc.

More than 2100 specialists from more than 60 countries took part in the conference. More than 700 reports and articles were submitted, among which 600 hundred were selected for oral representation and 100 – as standing reports and presentations on 8 simultaneous sections. In scopes of the conference there was a traditional exhibition of state of the art appliances and systems of non-destructive testing, in which 175 filed enterprises took part.

The representative of the Igor Sikorsky KPI was the teacher of the department of systems and appliances of non-destructive testing, the PhD of Technical Sciences Yu.Yu. Lysenko (namely with the report «Analysis of the uncertainty of measurement in pulsed eddy current signal evaluation»). Apart from this, in scopes of the exhibition of modern devices on the stand of Ukrainian Society For Non-Destructive Testing (USNDT) there was a presentation of the R&D product of the associate professor of the department, the PhD of technical Sciences V.G. Bazhenov titled «Reconfigurable universal measuring system».

In scopes of cultural program the organizers have planned several concerts and lots of marine and general excursions around the city.

Вхід на конференціюЧастина виставкового залуЛисенко Ю.Ю.Інформаційні матеріали про робробку Баженова В.Г.Матеріали конференціїНа експозиції ECNDT 2018На стенді УТНКТДСпілкування з колегами з Болгарсього товариства НКПідготовка до доповідіЧастина виставкового залу 1Вид на містоЕкскурсія на острів ВрангоЕкскурсія на архипелаг

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