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Future power engineers compete

2018.04.23-26 ІІ етап Всеукраїнської студентської олімпіади зі спеціальності 141 та 144

On April 23-26, 2018 at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute on the basis of the Institute of Energy Saving and Energy Management according to the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the II stage of the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad on specialty 141 "Electricity, electrical engineering and electromechanics" (specialization "Energy Management and Energy Efficiency") and specialty 144 " Thermal Power Engineering " (specialization "Energy Management and Engineering") 2017/2018 studying years was held.

The winners of the Olympiad in the personal score are:

  • on the specialty 141 Artem Tereshchenko (NTU "KhPI") won the first place, the second place was won by Ilia Kampos (ONPU), the third one – by Mykhailo Dobrovolsky (Igor Sikorsky KPI);
  • on the specialty 144 "Thermal Power Engineering" Pavlo Serdechny (Igor Sikorsky KPI) won the first place; the second place was won by Vita Boriak (SSU); the third one - by Marko Shliakhovy (M.Ye.Zhukovsky.NAU "KhPI").
    In the team rank the first place was received by Igor Sikorsky KPI, the second one - by the team of NTU "KhPI", the third one
  • by the representatives of M.Ye.Zhukovsky.NAU.

[The full version of material is in Ukrainian language]


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