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Viktor Heorhiiovych Kravets is 80!

В.Г. Кравець

The head of the Department of Geotechnical Construction and Mining Technologies of Institute of Energy Saving and Energy Management Viktor Heorhiiovych Kravets turned 80 on October 9, 2017.

V.H. Kravets is a Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor, laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of science and technology (1991), chairman of the specialized scientific council D.26.002.22 at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Mining Sciences of Ukraine, Academician of the International Academy of Life Safety.

Professor Kravets has founded the scientific school of formation of engineering properties of rocks by dynamic methods. He has initiated a scientific direction in the controlled dynamics of detonation interactions. He has trained 6 doctors of sciences and 16 candidates of science. Kravets also supervises the training of postgraduate and doctoral students.
He is the author of 250 publications, including 15 monographs and 5 textbooks. He also has 30 inventions.

V.H. Kravets finished Kyiv Polytechnic Institute in 1959. In 1964-1989 he worked in the system of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. He defended his candidate’s dissertation in 1971 and in 1985 he presented his doctoral thesis. He has been a professor at the Department of Technology and Mechanization of Mining at Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. In 1993-2017 he has been the head of the Department of Geotechnical Construction and Mining Technologies. In 1995 he received the scientific title of the professor of the department.

Professor V.G.Kravets was awarded the title "Honoured Professor of NTUU" KPI "in 2007 for his fruitful scientific and pedagogical activity. He has state awards.

Viktor Heorhiiovych takes an active part in the scientific life of the university, faculty and department. He is a member of the Academic Council of the University and the Institute of Energy Saving and Energy Management.

Viktor Heorhiiovych is a man of high culture, erudite scientist, intelligent, simple and accessible in communication, careful and sensitive towards the colleagues and students, demanding to himself and other people.

We sincerely congratulate Viktor Heorhiiovych on his anniversary! We wish him good health, easy walking, light mind for many years. Let the fate be favourable to him and his environment, and family life flows richly, calmly, creatively and to the utmost!

Staff of the Department of Geotechnical Construction and Mining Technologies


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