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Trainings by Intela and IBM at Igor Sikorsky KPI

2017.08.12-19 Тренінги компаній Intela та IBM

 In the Igor Sikorsky KPI series of trainings "Data Science Bootcamp" were held from August 12 to 19, 2017 by the American company Integrated Technology Laboratory LLC (Intela) to improve the skills of teachers and researchers of Ukrainian universities in the field of intelligent data analysis.

Within the event two four-day trainings from IBM COGNITIVE CLASS and TABLEAU data visualization brand were conducted. Coaches and listeners hosted the Scientific and Technical Library G.I. Denisenko on the territory of the Igor Sikorsky KPI and student space Belka (on the picture).

IBM trainings were devoted to the basics of Data Science and designed for beginners. From IBM experts, students learned how to use popular programming languages ​​for data analysis and visualization, familiar with some algorithms of machine learning, methods and technologies for processing large volumes of data, etc. The practical part of the training was developed on the basis of popular open source data research tools for IBM Data Scientist Workbench, including Jupyter (IPython), RStudio IDE, Apache Spark, Apache Hadoop, and others.

The TABLEAU course allows students to master the basics of desktop software for data visualization and presentation through interactive reports and thematic panels.

Within the "Data Science Bootcamp", a roundtable on learning in the field of data mining, which was attended by American and Ukrainian experts, was also held.

Assistance in organizing trainings from KPI to them. Igor Sikorsky provided the National Center for Data on Geoinformatics and Sustainable Development (WDC-Ukraine), which specializes in conducting research and education in the field of intellectual data analysis. The team of WDC-Ukraine together with specialists from Intela and IBM developed a program for advanced training in data science. This program has become a logical continuation of the advanced training courses that WEDD-Ukraine has been conducting for four years under the joint Canadian-Ukrainian project "Establishing the basis of the spatial data infrastructure: providing a basis for the Ukrainian government to support sustainable economic growth." In the future, it is planned to repeat and expand the issues of such training in the field of data science.

In total, about 150 specialists from most regions of Ukraine took part in Data Science Bootcamp. Students who have passed the appropriate exams, have received certificates of education and successful accomplishment of courses from Intela and IBM, as well as certificates of advanced training from the Igor Sikorsky KPI.

V.V .Putrenko, the Head of the Laboratory of  the WPD Igor Sikorsky KPI


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