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Recreation for children in Poland

2015.08.18-29 Дитячий відпочинок у Польщі

From 18  to 29 August 2015, the children of staff of NTUU "KPI", aged from 10 up to 14 years (in the photo), have visited the capital of Poland within cooperation between the labor union organizations of Kyiv and Warsaw Polytechnic. It is the second summer camp, which was organized for young technicians in Poland. And this year children from Ukraine have a rest and visited European state which is reconstructed and is developing rapidly in support of the rector of the Warsaw Polytechnic Jan Schmidt and the chairman of teacher union Zdislav Galkovsky. This time, the program included excursion, cognitive and sporting events, but in this year it was better than last year, it also included rest in the mountains.

In addition to the traditional places for children to visit in Warsaw (The Royal Palace, the airport, the center of science "Copernicus", the observation decoration of the Palace of Culture and Science, a zoo), a lot of interesting and unusual places were added to the program, which we would like to talk about.

The fourth day of the children's stays in Warsaw began with a master class in the chocolate shop of the oldest Polish confectionery company of Ernst Vedel. Children have mastered a confectionery business and have decorated production of factory owners with an inscription or a pattern. Significantly, the national identity and patriotism of many young Ukrainians were shown in the choice of sweet design in the form of state symbols.

 It was surprising to visit the castle on the water in the Royal Lazenkah. The magnificent park town with a palace, sculptures and a real amphitheater seemed to breathe past ages, and only a few squirrels and peacocks, as well as the noise of our children, stirred up silent of the rest of the Polish kings.

The siren is considered the ancient patron of Warsaw. The young Kyivans were fortunate enough to see not only the famous monument of siren on the Market Square of the Old City, but also a larger monument near the river Vistula this year. They also visited the square of the Cathedral's Capitula, where the Warsaw bell is placed, which, according to legend, helps in the accomplishment of desires.

With great respect and honor children have visited the museum of Revolt Warsaw, dedicated to the most tragic moment of Warsaw's history. And though the children did not see personally an exposition as organizers, nevertheless,  it was shown solidarity with the Polish people, still found solidarity with the Polish people, who had a desperate struggle for their national self-determination.

At the end of the excursion program, children have visited the financial and political centers of the Republic of Poland. At first, they have visited the modern building of the Polish stock exchange, quiet and calm organization with a multibillion-dollar turnover, with all the attributes of the place where stocks are traded, the bell that marks the beginning and the end of the work, and the symbol of financial growth - a bull. By the way, the bearer is a sign of a financial decline; however, this symbol is absent in the Polish stock exchange, either because of unwillingness to spend money, or by weighing on an allegorical comparison altogether.

For all the group members the opportunity to see from within the government and legislative institutions of Poland - the Sejm and the Senate were unusual and pleasant surprised. Having got acquainted with the political system and having visited near the most famous modern politicians of Poland (the visit happened in the working day and in working hours), children have personally seen the real European values and traditions in operation.

The next three days became days of active rest, walks, football games and the purchase of souvenirs.

Finally, we would like to thank the organizers and inspirers of this trip: Krzysztof Wilczynski, Agatha Sikorski and Zenoviy Shits.

N.A. Bezugly, vice-chairman of the labor union committee


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