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"Lamp", which was voted for by nearly 2,000 Kievans, has been opened!

2017.12.08 відкриття інноваційної високотехнологічної лабораторії електроніки та прототипування «Лампа»

On December 8 at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute an official opening of the innovative high-tech electronics laboratory and prototype "Lamp" was held.

The project is implemented within the framework of the Public Budget of Kyiv. It received the largest number of votes from Kyiv and was ranked the first in the rating of GB-2017. The organization of the laboratory has been voted for by almost 2 thousand citizens. The cost of the project was estimated 740 thousand hryvnia.

The laboratory is equipped in the hall №1 of G.I Denysenko Scientific and Technical Library. It contains modern measuring equipment, microprocessor boards and precision 3D printers. This is the place where every creative technical idea can be implemented, like-minded people can be found an professional advice from specialists can be received. The laboratory will hold open lectures, seminars, workshops and professional hackathons. Everyone will be free to use the equipment for self study of electronics and the development of their own devices.

The opening ceremony was attended by the People's Deputy of Ukraine Dmitry Andrievsky, the chairman of the Standing Committee of the Kyiv City Council on Budget, the deputy of the Kyiv City Council Andriy Strannikov, the chairman of the Solomyansky District in Kyiv, the State Administration, deputy of Kyiv City Council Maxim Shkuro, Vice-Rector for Science and Education works of KPI them. Igor Sikorsky Alexei Novikov and others. The author of the project, the head of the open laboratory "Lamp" Yevgeny Korotyky told about the laboratory and its task to the honorable guests.

It should be noted that the general budget of the Public Budget-2017 amounted to 50 million hryvnia. Kyiv residents registered 497 initiatives, and the cost of one project should not exceed one million hryvnias. Before the voting, 321 projects were approved, 62 of which were supported. The most highly-qualified electronics laboratory and prototype "Lamp" won the biggest amount of votes.

At the photo: Yevhen Short (in the center) demonstrates to the participants of the opening ceremony of the laboratory "Lamp" its equipment


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