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Memorandum of cooperation with “IoT Ukraine” company

2017.10.12 Меморандум про співпрацю з компанією «IoT Україна»

On October, 12, the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute signed a memorandum of cooperation with the company “IoT Ukraine” (“Internet of Things Ukraine”).

Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Michael Zgurovskyi along with the head of the Institute of Telecommunication Systems and the academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Myhailo Ilchenko has put their signatures on the paper. Oleg Stefanyuk, the president of the company, signed the memorandum as well.

The signing ceremony was also attended by the founder of “IoT Ukraine” company Peter Yatsuk and representatives of the Institute of telecommunication systems of the KPI.

As you know, the Internet of Things, or IOT (meaning “Internet of Things”), is the concept of a telecommunication network that combines physical objects, that is, “things”. These “things” are connected through wired and wireless networks; they have built-in sensors, executive bodies, as well as software that allow the exchange of data between them and computer systems via the use of standard communication protocols. Information and telecommunication technologies in this area are developing rapidly. The "IoT Ukraine" company actively introduces and promotes them on the domestic market.

Therefore, the purpose of cooperation between the university and the company is to establish relations and create the appropriate conditions for training, education, scientific and technical, informational activities and professional training of students, as well as to increase the efficiency of technical education in the field of telecommunications. The parties have agreed to join the efforts in organizing a modern educational laboratory based on the Institute of Telecommunication Systems of the KPI, where samples of telecommunication equipment ("IoTUkrainelab") will be presented. In the laboratory "IoTUkrainelab" will be installed telecommunication equipment for the Internet of things, which will be adapted to work with students. Students will be able to get acquainted with the latest technologies in the field of IoT, as well as to perform in-depth study of the technology of the new service, create and test their own applications and sensors, use finished products for commercial and social projects. The company "IoT Ukraine" is planning to install such equipment in the university-designated premises during 2017. In turn, the KPI will ensure the hosting of "IoTUkrainelab" training sessions and scientific and technical events. It is clear that this is of a great interest for both parties, because the university receives modern equipment for work in an industry that is only born in our country, and in the near future, it will produce a wide range of specialists capable of working effectively after the university's graduation.

According to Oleg Stefanyuk, the laboratory at the Institute of Telecommunication Systems of the KPI is the first of a number of laboratories that the company plans to create at Ukrainian universities, and the authorities of "IoT Ukraine" would like it to become the dominant part in the organization of educational and innovation work in this industry.

On the photo: Oleg Stefanyuk and Michael Zgurovskyi sign the Memorandum


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