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The new laboratory at HTF

Кампус КПІ. Навчальна лабораторія технологічних вимірювань та моделювання

Recently, the Department of HTF Cybernetics of Chemical Technology Processes to new research laboratory of process measurement and modeling was opened. It was the third spacial laboratory, which was introduced in the department educational process over the last four years. The upgrade process inspirer and ideological leader of technical support scientific process became the acting Head of Department, associate professor T.V. Bojko.

"Automation and computer-integrated technologies" students, and in the future, possibly chemical engineers can acquire practical skills in the following disciplines in the new lab: "Metrology" (second year), "Technological measurements and devices" (second year), "Computer simulation of technological processes" (third year), "Automation of technological processes" (fourth year). Laboratory installations allow practically learn how to measure the main technical parameters of chemical plants, pressure, temperature, level, flow; to remove the static and dynamic characteristics of processes and conduct computer processing signals from the sensors.

The vast majority of equipment installed in the laboratory - are real examples of modern sensors, transducers, test and control instruments, which are produced in Ukraine and abroad. Such devices are widely used in the domestic industry. However, some laboratory equipment were designed and made manually.

Professors enthusiastically worked on the creation of the laboratories. Due to energy and perseverance of associate professor D.M. Skladannyj and chief engineer O.M.Orlyanskyj the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of laboratory equipment were held. Associate professor S.H. Bondarenko provided their own tools and invaluable advice. The other department members also provided the assistance.

The Department staff expressed appreciation to HTF dean prof. I.M. Astrelin for support and help to students and graduates of the department, especially to graduate of 2016 R. Harmash for assistance in building a new laboratory. The result of the joint efforts will become a transition to a new, more qualitative level of students practical training who are studying at the faculty.

Today the laboratory expansion is expected. The facility stand for the modeling processes for laboratory work and measuring stands for quality indicators: concentration, pH, etc. are planned to develop.

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