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Commemorating Yevhen Oskarovych Paton

2017.03.21 вечір із циклу культурно-освітніх заходів

One of the evenings of a series of cultural and educational activities that are usually dedicated to outstanding personalities of Ukraine or Poland took place in the Scientific and Technical Library of National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute named after Igor Sikorsky” March, 21.

Life and scientific work of Yevhen Oskarovych Paton – the world-renowned scientist in the field of electric welding and bridge building whose birthday was celebrated March, 5 –was the theme of the previous meeting. Rector of the university Mykhaylo Zhurovskyy and dean of the welding faculty Serhiy Fomichov gave a short speech on the role of prominent scientist in the history of the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. Then six students of welding faculty: Ivan Vdovychenko, Anastasiya Reshetilova, Mykola Drobyazko, Yevhenyy Illyashenko, Ivan Lahodzinskyy and Anastasiya Oliynyk were awarded with diplomas of NTUU “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute named after Igor Sikorsky” rector for outstanding achievements in studying, scientific research and social activity.

Afterwards, Valentyna Sapronova took the floor. Her creative activity has been connected with Kyiv Polytechnics for many years and, in fact, it was she who introduced these evenings 5 years ago. First of all, Valentyna narrated the milestones of Yevhen Oskarovych biography. She gave evidence of his high intellectual level, significant contribution to the development of world science and technics. Amid many outstanding achievements, the one of the greatest importance for the development of science was the establishment of world-renowned in the field of metals electric welding scientific and engineering school by E. O. Paton.

The story of Valentyna was easy for understanding and quite emotional. It was supplemented with a slide show prepared by head of rare and valuable library editions Maryna Miroshnichenko. The speaker was assisted with the material to the report by a former deputy dean of the welding faculty Igor Chertov and Petro Kyrychok (vice-dean in research and educational work), as always, has helped to organize the evening.

Veterans of Kyiv Polytechnic as well as the students who attended the meeting thanked Valentyna for an interesting and action-packed evening with approving applause.


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