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First Christmas children's futsal tournament

2017.01.04-05 Перший Різдвяний дитячий турнір з футзалу

On 4-5 January 2017 at the initiative of the department of sports perfection and trade union of KPI named after Igor Sikorsky took place the First Children's Christmas Futsal Tournament.

The competition was attended by five teams, "Legion XXI", "Legend", "Polytechnic", "Capital", "Industrial".

Two days long was hard fight on Christmas Cup tournament. First place won "Industrial". The second place team won the "Capital", the coach - Andrew Kondratovych, lecturer in sports development. Next place as follows: "Legend" - 3rd place, "Polytechnic" - 4th place, "Legion XXI" - 5th place.

All tournament participants received souvenirs and winners - cups and medals of the tournament. Parents of young players were very grateful to organizators of the tournament conducted by the competition.

Competition made a decent start to children's sports activities at the Center for Physical Education of the University. Tournament organizers - Sergii and Andrii Zhuravlev assured that the children's Christmas Futsal tournament will become traditional.

Andrew Kondratovych, Art. off. Dep. sports perfection
Olga Kozhemyachenko, chairman of child union committee


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