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Step Forward: promoting employment of graduates

Виступ представників роботодавців перед випускниками РТФ

Promoting employment of graduates with vocational guidance always been an important part in the National Technical University of Ukraine " Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute ." Because of this, many students find their first job

The work of institutions and departments connecting with promoting employment of graduates coordinates training department of the university. Institutes and University Departments cooperate closely with companies of various industries. As part of this cooperation at the schools and graduating department run round tables, master classes, which are attended by representatives of companies and graduates.

Much attention is paid to promoting employment of graduates at the Faculty of Radio Engineering.  Professional ability of faculty plays an important role in meeting the requirements of enterprises in specialists of different areas. Faculty graduates over the past 5 years obtained employment in more than 200 companies operating in the field of electronics in Ukraine and abroad. The key to a successful future employment is existing system of practices that enables students prior presence in enterprises, better adaptation to the specific job at a particular company.

To ensure transparency of practices established, the faculty created  its own information system named organizer. In particular, each student can view companies, practices framework, which signed contracts for their specialty on website Using this site, you can also learn about programs of practices and choose the place of practice,  print all supporting documents. Thus, tudents of radio engineering faculty in summer 2016 held a summer internship in 31 companies.

Positive assessment of students’ traiing level company managers confirmed by the fact that the same company from one year to re-conclude agreements to carry out practices

Schedule of educational process provides summer internships organization for students within promoting their future employment. The first step towards this was organized on December 14, 2016 meeting of employers with students and graduates of Faculty of Radio Engineering with the aim to present the program of summer internships and practice. During the meeting, presentation of training and practice programs were represented by LTD "Informational Agency 112 Ukraine",  DP "Meleksis-Ukraine", Ajax Systems Inc., DP "Ukroboronservice", DP " State enterprise Kyiv Scientific research institute of hydrodevices ",  Corporation "TSM Group ", LTD" SEA Electronics Ukraine”, LTD" Lifesell", factory “Euroformat"and others. Companies took part in the event in absentia, passing information to be published on the website of the faculty.

Conducted meeting demonstrated widespread interest in the training of both companies and students. The meeting can also select companies interested not only in summer internships, but students in implementation of project tasks, internship in afternoon after training.

The next steps to organization of  summer internship should be signing agreements of cooperation (Memoranda of Understanding), recognition and credit transfer, coordination of joint certificates between Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute and companies that will certify successful completion of training.

December 5 in the campus building №8 VPI of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute was a meeting with invited employers business publishing and printing industry; the director of "Printhouse" Nail Akhmetov; director of LTD "Ukrkonsaltinvest" Tatyana Faychuk; director of "The First Ukrainian Souvenir Company" Maksym Korobka; Ph.D., professor, director of the publishing center "Academy" Vasyl Teremok; HR Manager of Digital Publishing "International Center for Finance and Economic Development" Tetiana Solomenko.

Invited representatives of leading companies in publishing and printing industry were interested in employment of prospective students and young professionals, thus future graduates of VPI had the opportunity to get acquianted with activities of modern printing company, get information about vacancies and open programs with labor-placement, training and internships .

Faculty members of the Welding Department continuously monitor relevant business requirements for the qualification of future professionals. In order to promote employment of graduates in 2017,  the the faculty organized meeting students with representatives of employers on December 14, 2016. Representatives of the company BF-plant, IUTEM, Zhytomyr armored plant, 410TSA plant,  "Mayak" were present at the meeting. Representatives of the E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and KP "Kyiv Metro" informed in writing form about their needs and suggestions for professionals. As a result of the event additional issues have been resolved practices of students and freshmen excursions on businesses. Also discussed joint career guidance measures addressed to school graduates  of Zhytomyr

Department of Ecology and Technology of Plant Polymers IHF had a fruitful meeting with representatives graduates of Malyn PF "Weidmann" "Yevrohimservis" Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry. At the meeting they discussed  production requirements and graduate employability.

Department of Chemical Technology of Composite Materials had a meeting of their graduates with representatives of DP Research Institute "Elastik"and company "Kernel ". Representatives of businesses provided information on possible vacancies and requirements for candidates. Managers of the company" Kernel "presented their company and held a master class in motivation among students. During the presentation representatives spoke about history and development of "Kernel", their training programs and internships for students.

Graduates of "Chemical technology of inorganic substances" and "Technology of electrochemical production" HTF had an interesting meeting with representatives of the batch plant DP "Antonov" and LDT "Polymer-Color" where representatives of businesses informed about the requirements for future employees and business opportunities.

Meetings of graduate students with employers were held in all faculties, and this useful event provided an opportunity to future professionals finally gained their understanding of the profession at the university, and get information on labor market needs.


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