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To the World Intellectual Property Day 2015

2015.04.24 семінар, приурочений до Всесвітнього дня інтелектуальної власності

April 24, 2015 at our university hosted a seminar dedicated to World Intellectual Property Day. His department had initiated construction of machine tools and machines MMI (the head of prof. V.B.Strutynskyy) and supported by the Department of Science and Innovation KPI to improve legal awareness of intellectual property. The seminar was attended by leading national experts in the field of intellectual property, members of the Expert Advisory Committee on Intellectual Property, students and teachers of the specialty "Intellectual Property" MMI, FAT, employees of the Department of Science and Innovation "KPI".

Seminar participants welcomed: M.IIlchenko - vice-rector of NTU "KPI", academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine; M.V.Paladiy - one of the founders of the intellectual property of Ukraine; M.I.Bobyr - Director of MMI. Then, on the 15th anniversary of World Intellectual Property Day, staff and students of the University were presented with awards for active work in the field of intellectual property.

Participants heard reports concerning current issues of judicial expertise in the field of intellectual property (N.V.Kysil, Dep. Director of the Institute of legal expertise); specialized types of patents (A.S.Romashko, O.V.Lytvyn, assistant professor KVM); commercialization of innovation (T.V.Pokshevnytska, manager of the National Technology Transfer Network); Public-private partnership (B.M.Paduchak, associate FSP); protection of objects of a NAS (S.A.Klymenko, M.Yu.Kopeykina Institute superhard materials); basic international agreements (Ya.Ya.Lemberh, Master's student, winner of the All-Ukrainian student research field of "Intellectual Property") and others.

Scope of the reports every year expands to include questions relating to different areas of intellectual property and the relations arising in the creation of intellectual property and the realization and protection of them. These seminars promote student interest issues of intellectual property and its use in their future careers.

These seminars bring together professionals dealing with intellectual property in various fields of science, education, industry and judiciary. Literacy Society in matters of intellectual property will promote civilized relations between the state and its citizens and the international activity.

V.B.Strutynskyy, Ph.D., Chair,
O.A.Foya, p. lecturer in design tools and machines MMI


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