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Third year student of the PPI  Lyudmila Shesterikova could be called as a veteran of art contest "Talents of KPI". She gives to visitors the joy of communicating with something beautiful by her works for 15 years. Her drawings are not unnoticed: in 2009, 2015 she won third place and 2011, 2012 she won the second place.

On "Talents of KPI " i have exhibited my works since 2001 - says the artist. - Firstly as a daughter of employee CKA ofKPI, and then, from 2007, as a pupil of Polytechnic Lyceum" KPI ", and finally, in 2014 - as a student of PPI.

Київський академічний театр ляльок

 "A series of works "Kyiv Theaters" L.Shesterikovoyu presented at the current exhibition, on display at the 7th Corps - a guide to illustrate that a student has performed as course work this summer. "I have created a guide - says Lyudmila - which filed information about the major theaters of Kyiv. The idea of such a prospect, Kyiv is about theater, I was while watching one of the shows. I thought: it would be great if the theater as I had an opportunity with the help of a guide to decide what to choose next theater. And those who are for the first time in our city could meet the cultural heritage of Kyiv ".

Київський театр опери

Her creations over the years become professional excellence and are recognized at the Ukrainian artistic competitions. In 2005, she became the winner of Ukrainian contest of children's drawings under the Eighth international exhibition of educational establishments "Modern education in Ukraine - 2005". And in 2011, took third place in the competition of creative works of families. Kyiv on "Ukraine - the state of mine," dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Ukraine's independence (in the "Picture").

We wish artist more creative works, and for the audience new meetings with her art.

N. Yelyzarova


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