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Scopus in KPI: new opportunities for researchers and publishers of scientific journals

2016.12.15 семінар "Шляхи використання системи Scopus в університеті"

One of the largest multidisciplinary abstract scientometric database Scopus ( indexes more than 21 000 items of scientific peer-reviewed journals leading publishers, 100,000 books and 6.8 million  conference reports. The database is updated daily, contains records including the first part and first journal issue. Scopus enables researchers to perform professional search publications, receive a variety of information about scientific developments (which magazines highligh the theme, who are its authors,  which patents are given, data for particular years, etc..), to get information about the authors who study a particular problem, information on organizations that publish research in a specific area, as well as analyze and compare scientific journals for the citation publication activity, bibliometric indicators. This database is the source of scientometric data for the evaluation of research at corporate and national levels. The full version of Scopus is accessible only by subscription.

From November 2016 in Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute was organized an access to the Scopus  database and its advantage you may use in university network.

Currently, workers of the Scientific and Technical Library named after G.I. Denysenko thoroughly study the possibility of working with this database and offer to researchers information and counseling support. The beginning of this work was the  seminar in December 15, 2016  "Ways of Scopus using at the University". The event was attended by scientists, representatives of university  divisions and scientific publications editors, librarians. During this seminar Oleksiy Vasyliyev, director of the Association "Informatio-Consortium", reported about basic principles of the information massif Scopus formation and methods of finding information in database that is search for bibliographic and substantive grounds, search for documents by author, search for documents on the basis of space research, advanced search, management results (user profile, monitoring of new publications and citations). He also highlighted typical information retrieval procedures, monitoring capabilities basic scientometric metrics etc.

To support researchers and editors of scientific journals of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, library reached an agreement with the company Elsevier to conduct a free analysis of each periodical to obtain recommendations to ensure their compliance with the inclusion of international scientometric databases, as well as educational activities by the company Elsevier specialists with researchers from the university in March 2017. So stay tuned library Online ( and in popular social networks (KPI library - within Facebook, VK, Twitter, Instagram, Google+).

To help researchers to present the results of their work to global academic community, the library staff offer individual consultations on such issues:

  • Search, correct representation of the author in the database Scopus;
  • Definition scientometric indicators (number of publications, citation index);
  • Professional search of abstracts and monitoring research topic;
  • Determination of scientific journals influence;
  • Magazine publishing;
  • Construction of the author's profile;
  • Transliteration  of authors’  names and surnames;
  • Keywords for relevant search;
  • Assistance in finding potential sponsors and others.

For more detail  information and consultation please contact to the KPI Library (4th floor, room number 9,  according to working hours of library

Evgenia Kulyk, NTL of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute


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