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Presentation of 17th edition of scientific yearbook “Diplomatic Ukraine" (Primary inputs)

2016.12.21 Презентація сімнадцятого випуску наукового щорічника  «Україна дипломатична»

Before the Day of diplomatic service of Ukraine that is celebrated on 22 January, presentation of 17th edition of scientific yearbook "Diplomatic Ukraine" and a series of editions "The library of scientific yearbook "Diplomatic Ukraine" was hold in National technical university "Igor Sikorsky Kyiv polytechnic institute".

Heads of diplomatic missions of 35 countries, prominent scientists, public and political people, teaching staff of the university took part in the presentation. Among them- His Holiness Filaret of Ukrainian Orthodox-Kyiv Patriarchate, ex-minister of foreign affairs of Ukraine, Volodymyr Ogryzko, head of management of Kyiv organization of National journalists union of Ukraine, Mykhailo Soroka, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Ukraine, President of Ukrainian Association of external politics, Volodymyr Khandogii, Extraordinary and Plenipotentionary Ambassador of Ukraine, first Ambassador to Great Britain, academician of Ukrainian NAS, Sergii Komisarenko, veterans of diplomatic service of Ukraine and many other uncommon figures.

Yearbook "Diplomatic Ukraine" took pride of place in mental, diplomatic and social life of the society. This is a unique; one in European space edition familiarizes readers from scientific perspective with diplomatic life of both Ukraine and the world community in general. The yearbook was recognized internationally, in particular by OUN and UNESCO, united the best scientific potential of our country and abroad. The library of USA Congress and European scientific institutions receive this yearbook and it is used as the source of valuable information in studying process on particular faculties of a series of national universities.

Official meeting ceremony was opened by rector of NTUU "Igor Sikorsky KPI", academician of NAS of Ukraine, Mykhailo Zgurovsky. "It is very important that the information about the life of Ukraine is delivered to the outside world, via diplomatic representations, in particular. One of sources of such information is presented yearbook, stressed rector in his welcoming speech. As the matter concerns our university affairs, the development of pilot project- creation of the model of innovation economy of Ukraine as illustrated by our university innovative environment is a top priority at present. Step by step, over the last years we have been moving this way and hope these best practices will be spread over the whole our country and Ukraine will be able to transfer soon from raw economy model to high-technological development and economy of knowledge".

General Director of Scientific Park "Kyiv polytechnics" Volodymyr Hnat familiarized guests with the peculiarities of realization of this project in Igor Sikorsky KPI, its financing, in particular, best practices and development plans of university innovation environment.

His Holiness Filaret of Ukrainian Orthodox-Kyiv Patriarchate, ex-minister of foreign affairs of Ukraine, Volodymyr Ogryzko, general director of SE “General directory for foreign representations services”, editor Pavlo Kryvonos, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Indian Republic to Ukraine, Manodj Kumar Bharti, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Uzbekistan Republic, Alisher Abdualiev, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Ukraine, vice president of Ukrainian NAS, Sergii Pirozhkov welcomed participant of the presentation.

Chief Editor of regular yearbook “Diplomatic Ukraine”, honored journalist of Ukraine, Anatolii Denysenko spoke about the yearbook in detail.

Thus, the volume of 17th edition of the yearbook makes up almost 1000 pages of Ukrainian and English text. It comprises 65 publications: articles of foreign and national diplomatists, scientific researches about current state and history of international relations of Ukrainian diplomacy. On the occasion of 25th anniversary of independent Ukrainian diplomacy, new section “Legacy of history and modern Ukrainian diplomacy” has been introduced. For those who are concerned about the history of diplomacy of independent Ukraine, the rubrics “The word to veterans of diplomatic service”. No less worth attention is the interview and research of Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassadors, scientists, journalists, public and political people.

Such editions as “Libraries…”, in particular: “Diplomatic and consular service in terms of personality”, “Pastor of Ukrainian nation” (to 50th anniversary of offices of arch pastor Filaret), “Long way to diplomatic Olympus) (memories of Ambassador Mykhailo Dashkevych) were presented to the participants.

Examples of yearbook “Diplomatic Ukraine” and editions of series “Library of scientific yearbook “Diplomatic Ukraine” are passed over to Scientific and Technical library of Igor Sikorsky KPI.

Video presentation of the 17th issue of the yearbook “Diplomatic Ukraine”


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