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The oath of allegiance to the Ukrainian people

2016.09.03 Присяга на вірність українському народові

September 3, 2016, at ten o`clock in the morning on the Knowledge square of Igor Sikorsky KPI cadets 5-year State institution «Institute of special communication and information protection of National technical University of Ukraine Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute» were waiting for the exciting moment – the adoption of the Military oath.The ritual of taking the oath of allegiance as the swear of a warrior's loyalty to his people, the Fatherland has been existing since ancient times. On the territory of modern Ukraine it was started in the IX.

The ceremony was attended by the heads of the state service of special communication and information protection of Ukraine, Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, representatives of the security Service of Ukraine, foreign intelligence Service, the state guard of Ukraine, heads of the Solomenska RSA, General Director of "Alcatel-Lucent Ukraine", the head of the company "Nokia-Ukraine, parents, relatives and friends of the cadets and other guests.

The unforgettable moment came. The cadets,with well-measured pace, one by one went to take the Military oath. Holding back the excitement, they took an oath of allegiance to the Ukrainians and the state. The simple, but full of deep sense words were sounded.The 115 cadets of the Institute vowed to be worthy descendants of the Ukrainians. The adoption of the oath is the main point at which today the students more deeply understand the ability and willingness with the weapon in hands protect the homeland and becone real defenders of the Homeland.

The head of Institute the General-the major of State S. Zh.Piskun congratulated the manpower with the preparation of the Military oath. Lingering three times, "Glory" sounded along the line of the Institute.

With words of congratulations and farewell speech was made by Advisor to the Chairman of A. P. State Skrynyk, Vice-rector on perspective development of the NTUU " Igor Sikorsky KPI" O. M. Novikov, General Director of "Alcatel-Lucent Ukraine" V. A. Haluk, Deputy Chairman of Solomensky RGA V. I. Gorpinchenko, the Archbishop of Belgorod vicar of the Kyiv metropolis of the UOC Bishop Nicholas. On behalf of the parents was M.V.Ilyashenko and the second course of manpower was Y. I. Baura.

During the festivities, the students and staff of the Institute showed an example of a front deportment and a coherence of the units. According to tradition, after the military ritual the representative of the clergy Bishop Nicholas- the Archbishop of Belgorod blessed the young recruits to the impeccable service to the Homeland, protection of its sovereignty and independence.

The ceremonial passing of the personnel of the Institute to the accompaniment of the Military orchestra of the 38th joint training center of Air forces of VS of Ukraine has completed carrying out activities with the adoption of the Military oath.

INF. Institute of special communication and information protection


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