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The youngest winners of start-up competition “Sikorsky Challenge 2016” were granted awards and laureate diplomas of the Presidential Fund “Ukraine”

2016.11.15 Наймолодші переможці конкурсу стартапів «Sikorsky Challenge 2016» отримали премії і дипломи лауреатів Президентського Фонду «Україна»

In November, 15, in Supervisory Board meeting of National technical university of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv polytechnic institute”, its head, the President of Ukraine (1994-2005) Leonid Kuchma awarded the youngest winners of the start-up projects “Sikorsky Challenge 2016” competition with a prize and laureate diplomas of the Presidential Fund “Ukraine”.

Over the years of “Sikorsky Challenge” festival existence, in terms of which start-up projects competition is held, titled the same, the Presidential Fund “Ukraine” of Leonid Kuchma acts as one of the sponsors and partners.

This year “Ukraine” Fund laureates are:

  • NTUU “Igor Sikorsky KPI” student Nikita Hordiienko – the author of the project “Am_I_Fatigued” – the system for measuring physical fatigue level by means of smart phone to prevent overload;
  • the student of “Holosiievsky” lyceum № 241(Kyiv city), Oleksandr Busin – the author of “WhitestormJS 3D web framework” project aimed at increase of 3D technologies productivity in browsers and environment creation around object-oriented browser 3D functions with plug-in system and module structure;
  • the student of Polytechnic lyceum at NTUU “Igor Sikorsky” Karyna Semenko – the author of project “Lightning – eco-friendly source of electrical energy”, where she offered a technology of getting eco-friendly electrical energy from lightning by means of mutual induction.
  • military student of Marine college of Kherson state marine academy, Ivan Humeniuk – the author of the project “Water-intake self-purification filter of wide application” that can be used in agricultural irrigation systems;
  • NTUU “Igor Sikorsky KPI” Mariia Muliarchuk – the author of the project “Linear high power compact piezo-generator;
  • 10 year student of specialized school № 304 with advanced curriculum in information technologies of Kyiv city – the author of the project “Device for improving the dumb communication”;
  •  11 year school student of municipal establishment of Kyiv Regional Council “Fastiv lyceum-boarding School” of Kyiv region – the author of the project “Lasers” in our life.

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