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Memorandum of scientific and technical cooperation between NTUU "KPI", "Electrobus of Ukraine" consortium and SP "Kyiv polytechnics"

2016.07.12 Меморандум про науково-технічне співробітництво

In June, 12 National technical university of Ukraine "Kyiv polytechnic institute", "Electrobus of Ukraine" and Scientific Park "Kyiv polytechnics" have signed the Memorandum of scientific and technical cooperation.

Memorandum has all agreements formalized, reached at the session of the round table in NTUU "KPI" on 25 May of current year, devoted to the issues of development of national electric transport. On behalf of NTUU "KPI" it was signed by the rector of university, academician of Ukrainian NAS, Mykhailo Zgurovskyi, on behalf of Consortium "Electrobus of Ukraine"- its director, Mykola Holeiv, on behalf of SP "Kyiv polytechnics"- general director Volodymyr Hnat.

Thus, the purpose of this agreement is the organization of cooperation between Parties in the interests of national program of development and production of Ukrainian electric buses and development of necessary infrastructure in the field of scientific, technical and innovative activity regarding the development, creation, modernization of electric engines, electric drives, accumulator batteries, charging stations, materials for carriage bodies, controlling systems and other technological production units that are used in the production of electric buses as well as training of highly qualified specialists for the technologies and infrastructure development for the production and exploitation of electric buses in Ukraine.

The participants of the agreement discussed the main problems that arise in the course of measures realization connected with the creation of new systems, equipment and program products for electric buses, development and technologies improvement as well as constructions for realibility improvement and mechanisms capacity and the full range of further cooperation issues.


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