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KPI in the international projects in the field of physical nuclear security

КПІ в міжнародних проектах

The main issues discussed by the participants of the round table "Risks and current trends in the global nuclear safety" concerned the role of Ukraine in the transfering of experience of overcoming the consequences of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster  to the countries that are just beginning to implement nuclear technology in its energetic strategy. Also, the plan of creating in Ukraine a powerful learning platform in the sphere of physical nuclear security strengthening was taken into consideration.

Both issues are directly related to the "KPI", and this fact was proved by pro-rector of International Cooperation S. I. Sydorenko’s performance, an extract from which the edition offers to your attention.

April 26, 2016 marks 30 years since the time when the word "Chernobyl" has become synonymous to the worldwide tragedy.

KPI has always been at the center of events associated with the liquidation of the Chernobyl disaster.

During the liquidation of the accident the KPI researchers’ technologies in the chemical industry were used.

A branch of KPI was opened in Slavutych – the satellite city of Chernobyl, where the training in "Computer Science and Information Technology" is held.

In Slavutich is opened the Central East European Institute for Sustainable Development.

As more and more countries begin to include nuclear energy in the national energy strategy, we see an important role for Ukraine to transfer its experience in nuclear security strengthening to these countries, in particular, in the nuclear industry education for Turkey and Egypt.

For example, the chairman of the Council of Higher Education of Turkey, prof. Sarach’s visit to Ukraine and to the KPI is being prepared. It aims at negotiations about Turkish citizens’ training in the field of nuclear energetics.

With unique experience in the field of nuclear energetics, Ukraine emphasized its readiness:

  • to start a special training program for Turkey;
  • to provide technical assistance in creating a regulatory environment in Turkey in nuclear energetics and nuclear safety;
  • to establish a program to exchange experience in responding to emergencies in the nuclear industry.

These issues were discussed during the meeting of the President of Ukraine P. A.  Poroshenko with the leadership of Turkey during the recent official visit to Turkey.

C. International College (Egypt) addressed to the KPI with such proposals, in particular – training on nuclear safety.

And KPI is ready to start this program with Egypt.

After the tragedy at Fukushima KPI together with the Embassy of Japan in Ukraine organized a series of seminars on the experience of Ukraine to solve the problem of Fukushima.

In 2011, "KPI" held the International Forum "Peace, understanding and cooperation for the  world."

The delegations of the participating countries adapted Ukrainian experience in creating the  educational platform  in security of nuclear power plants.

KPI took the initiative to promote cooperation between Slavutych (Chernobyl) and Hiroshima as the cities affected by the nuclear accident, and announced this initiative at the 34th session of the UNESCO General Conference in Paris in 2008.

This project is very important for students of KPI.

This initiative was supported by the mayor of Hirosyma Dr. T. Akiba and Ukrainian Peace Council.

"KPI" has become the first and still is the only university in Ukraine that implemented "The Hiroshima-Nagasaki Peace Study Course" –  a training course, which is taught to all students of KPI. It’s read in the 26 universities in Japan and 13 US universities. In the KPI this course includes lectures on the consequences of Chernobyl for the nuclear safety of the world, trips to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

In July 2015 a memorandum of cooperation "KPI" and Chernobyl for a wide range of areas of training and joint scientific and technological activities signed. Especially it’s connected with cooperation in international projects in the field of physical nuclear security.

Currently, the work of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant is stopped. In 2017 a new confinement will be commissioned.

This project is possible due to the considerable financial and technical assistance of the international community, in particular, to the United States.

The following steps include:

  1. dismantling of unstable structures of the "Shelter";
  2. removal of the radioactive fuel materials from the reactor;
  3. their safe disposal.

Unfortunately, today Ukraine has not the opportunity to finally overcome the problems of Chernobyl.

In order to attract international attention to the unsolved problems of Chernobyl, "KPI" together with Chernobyl nuclear station initiated the International Forum "Lessons of Chernobyl for nuclear safety of the world", involving politicians, government officials, the scientific community and the public.

Forum is to bring new messages to the world from Ukraine, caused by new threats in the nuclear sphere. Therefore, the organizers hope that the forum will give impulse to start a new phase of international cooperation aimed at joint implementation of measures of the final transformation of the "Shelter" into an ecologically safe system. And, at the same time, it should demonstrate the important role of Ukraine in rendering its experience in nuclear safety improving to other countries.


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