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New media-projects of KPI

In Department of academic work radio speech operation of KPI has been restarted.

The manager of radio project and sound engineering is Olexandr Parubets, student of Faculty of Instrumentation Engineering. The group of students and postgraduates is working over music content, jingles, news, rotations of student music bands, solo performers and youth audio programs. Technical director and content advisor – Dmytro Zaluskyi.
In terms of Department structure a translation of audio and video programs “LifeStudio” has started. Studio participants chose particular name from an ethical standpoint as well as because of collective concept consideration: creative presenters, students and postgraduates of KPI, authors’ video programs and topical subjects are being created. Audio formats are being translated in evening time on campus.

Project manager – postgraduate of Physical and Mathematical Faculty, Mariia Chetvertak.

Camera-control engineer – Yevgen Chaika, student of Radio and Engineering Faculty (work experience of KPI TV)
Director – Nataliia Gudz (work experience – “Maidan” studio, “STB”, “New channel”). Site administrator – Yevgen Plisko, student of Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science.

Video project is monitored by:

Ph. D, member of National Union of journalists of Ukraine M. P. Prepotenska (experience of live programs presenter of central radio stations).

Film director and film actor Taras Valigura.

Theatre operator and picture editor Olexandr Shcheglovskyi.

The projects are available for everyone! The journal and actor schools, meetings with TV masters, courses for TV presenters, operators and sound engineers are in work. Casting call – every Friday, at 17-30, building #31, event hall.


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