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Students of KPI are on the First National TV Channel

Майстер-клас з риторики та урбаністики

The beginning of spring some students of KPI met in creative studio "UA: FIRST" or on the First National TV Channel of Ukraine! Master classes in rhetoric and Urban Studies were held by Ph.D., assistant professor of philosophy Maryna Petrivna Prepotenska in the program "Public University".

The students of FSL and postgraduates of various disciplines of our university actively discussed, asked questions and gave interviews after the event. The most interesting topic for everybody was considerations about changing of private and public space in a modern metropolis under the influence of means of communication and organization "smart mob". Also useful action was a survey of participants in terms of qualities of the rhetorical image. Those people who were interested could overcome the shock and speak before the cameras.

Apparently all the attendees were able to ascertain that the humanities at the Technical University are not only appropriate, but also necessary for young people in order to know themselves and the world! I would like to note high professionalism of the crew team and a very friendly and creative atmosphere in the studio. Special thanks for Natalia Zhupan, curator of the program, the head of editing department of youth programs, director’s crew and charismatic presenter Gennady Popenko!
We hope that "Public University" will invite us again. A broadcast recording will be in March and April!

Maria Chetvertak, postgraduate of FMF "KPI"


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