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Naukovi visti NTUU “КPІ”. – 2008. – N 3

Application of F. Clarke’s derivation in quasi-differential methods of stochastic optimization

The paper describes stochastic optimization methods, based on the quasi-differential calculations with some estimated prediction elements. Specifically, the convergence of these methods is discussed in light of the convergence of a random quasi-Feyer row of the target function values.
Matusov Yu.P.

Asymptotic properties of continuous solutions for systems of differentialfunctional equations with linear argument transformations

This study provides insights into the novel sufficient conditions of the existence of continuously differentiable and bounded on R+ solutions for linear and nonlinear differential-functional equations systems with linear argument transformations and their asymptotic properties.
Denysenko N.L.

Competition of ideas in the parity conditions

The key assumption behind this work is that political competition in our society comes to the competition of two leading ideas and several other ideas, generalized under the term the «third» power. This aggregate of ideas forms a widely-distributed structure of the public competition system. On the experimental side, a specific situation of political parity both in society and in parliament is modeled.
Poveshchenko G.P.

Components content optimization of nutrition medium for biosyntesis of enzyme complex by p.Streptomyces producer

In this paper, we study the influence of basic and alternative nutrition medium components on the biosynthetic activity of the lysoenzyme complex Streptomyces recifensis var. lytіcus 2435/М producer. Drawing on the results obtained, we argue that specially treated IR-radiation soy-bean flour can be used as an alternative source of basic feed and the aerosil A-300 can be used as an additional component.
Grygorieva M.A., Klochko V.V., Todosiychuk T.S.

Formation of ultradisperse ferrites of nickel, copper, and zinc in the iron–carbon galvanocontact system. 2. Analysis of colloidal-chemical mechanisms of ultradisperse ferrites formation in the iron–carbon galvanocontact system

This paper makes a case for colloid-chemical mechanisms of zinc, nickel and copper ferrites formation reactions, as well as composition of dispersed medium compounds, which take part in the ferriteformation process. It highlights the optimal conditions for ferrite-formation in the systems containing nickel, copper, and zinc cations.
Lavrynenko O.M.

Improved method of the quickest descent

This study proposes the improved method of the quickest descent, which takes into account the second and mixed derivatives on optimized parameters of a quality criterion. We demonstrate this with the method application for the correction of scale factor errors and a zero displacement of the primary information gauges.
Malyаrov S.P., Tsiruk V.G., Yankelevich G.Ye.

Investigation of the kinetics to reactions of joint hydrolysis of the ferric(ІІ) sulphate in whitness of carbamide

In this paper, we describe the kinetic features of a joint hydrolysis of the ferric sulphate with carbamide in water solution. Moreover, we determine the order of reactions, velocity constant, preexponential factor and activation energy. Through experiments performed, we obtain the equation of the dependency degree of the ferric sulphate hydrolysis from the process life.
Astrelin I.M., Melnуkov B.I., Vasуlenko I.A.

Iteration method for solving game problems on the arrangements

This paper proposes a novel method, used to find a player’s optimal strategy considering the combinatorial restrictions determined by arrangements in the optimization combinatorial problems of the game type.
Ustian N.Yu., Yemets` Oleg O.

Maintenance engineering of laser therapy procedures

This paper presents a simple design of the laser beam scanners with movements along a spiral, allowing to irradiate any body areas, developed for the low-income medical institutions.
Hamidreza Salavati, Kotlyarov V.P.

Methods research and development of the integrated tools for access to information resources of information communication system

This study considers the comparative analysis results of the existing portal design technologies and introduces an advanced corporate portal design technology. Provided are the recommendations on the system analysis application and a component process of the corporate portal development.
Maslyanko P.P., Stokoz К.V.

On solvability for the second order nonlinear evolution equations with noncoercive [i]W[sub][lambda][sub]0[/sub][/sub][/i]-pseudomonotone maps

In this paper, we consider a class of the second order evolution equations with Wλ0-pseudomonotone maps. Using the Faedo-Galerkin method, the resolvability for a class of evolution equations with nonlinear noncoercive operators, in particular with variation calculus operators, is proved. Furthermore, the uniform priori estimations in Lq(S;V'σ) for derivatives are obtained.
Kasyanov P.O., Zadoyanchuk N.V.

Optimal control algorithm synthesis of aerostatic vehicle movement on the takeoff phase

This study proposes a novel approach to optimal control algorithm synthesis of aerostatic vehicle movement on the take-off phase. Furthermore, we synthesize the automated control algorithm by declination of aerostatic vehicle thrust vector on the take-off phase. Through the simulation of “Zeppelin NT” type aerostatic vehicle take-off, we demonstrate the effectiveness of the synthesized control algorithm by declination of aerostatic vehicle thrust vector.
Gusynin A.V., Gusynin V.P.

Renewal of hot stamping press LZK 6500-380-960 piston-rod by electroslag welding

This paper illustrates a flowsheet of renewal of the hot stamping press LZK 6500-380-960 piston-rod, using the electroslag welding method of a crack, appeared in the process of the press operation. We also demonstrate the electroslag welding machine design and describe the process parameters.
Chernega D.F., Skrypnyk S.V.

The approach to abnormal situation recognition in dynamics of man-caused dangerous object functioning

The research described in this paper addresses the approach to abnormal situation recognition in dynamics of man-caused dangerous object functioning. This approach is based on the general principles and basic techniques of system strategy of guaranteed safety for complex engineering systems, multicriterion estimation and situations of risk forecasting in the real conditions of incompleteness, uncertainty, inconsistency and fuzziness of the initial information.
Pankratova N.D., Radjuk A.M.

The second-order quasilinear elliptic equations with Gilbarg-Serrin matrix and nonlinear contraction semigroups. Part 2. Construction of nonlinear contraction semigroups

This paper deals with the connection between elliptic equations with Gilbarg-Serrin matrix and the generalized parabolic problems.
Kukharchuk M.M., Yaremenko M.I.

The system approach to the credit risk assessment using Bayesian networks

this paper, we consider the basic facets of the credit risks assessment and the methods of their decreasing. The reasonability of Bayesian Networks (BN) application for the credit risk analysis and estimation of the client’s default probability is grounded. The methodology of BN building and using is proposed and tested for solving the problem of the credit capacity analysis.
Bidyuk P.I., Kuznyetsova N.V.

The tactics of the pure strategies selecting as a theoretic groundwork for investigating the efficiency of diverse ways of the optimal mixed strategies realization

This study presents the concept of the pure strategies selecting tactics as a theoretic groundwork for investigating the diverse ways of the optimal mixed strategies realization in the matrix 2х2 -game with the finite game plays quantity. Furthermore, some formulas for determining the normed average using a definite quantity of the first player’s mean payoffs for the fixed number of the game plays are obtained. Also, the conversion to the new matrix 2х2 -game with the payoff matrix, comprising the detected normed average payoffs, is performed here.
Romanyuk V.V.

666.3; 666.4; 666.7
Ti[sub]3[/sub]SiC[sub]2[/sub] – based сomposites with improved mechanical properties

The paper under scrutiny studies the synthesized titanium сarbosilicide Ti3SiC2-based cоmposites, employing X-ray diffractometry, scanning electron microscopy and mechanical tests. The results of the study show that high bending and compression strength as well as low hardness of Ti3SiC2/TiC composites are provided by the features of Ti3SiC2 phase microstructure. Moreover, the correlation between molar ratio of powders in starting mixtures and Vickers’ hardness of synthesized specimens is made.
Konoplyuk S.М.

To the transition from discrete to continuous poles of a linear timeinvariant dynamic system based on Prony’s method

In this paper, we examine the linear time-invariant single-input, single-output dynamic system, subjected to the unit impulse. Specifically, we take the perspective that such system identification procedure in the framework of the Prony’s method polynomial approach can be improved through the increased accuracy of discreet system poles determination and errors minimization, connected with the transition to the corresponding continuous poles.
Apostoliuk O.S., Apostolyuk V.O.

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